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I have always been physically involved in sports, the outdoors, and working out. I started lifting weights in 7th grade to prepare myself for sports in high school and continued with it throughout my life. The farther I got into working out, the more I researched to try to find the “perfect workout.” I went Read more ›

MOD Beginner

March 6th, 2014 by admin

Warm Up Mobility 3 rounds Side Shuffle – 30ft – each way Rocking x20 Tip Toe Balancing – 20 sec Skill Stepping Up – start with a small step (6 inches), perform 4 steps on each side, raise the height 6 inches and repeat until you can’t maintain proper form Combo 4 rounds Tip Toe Read more ›

MOD Advanced

March 5th, 2014 by admin

Warm Up – 3 rounds Stepping Over x6 Stepping Under x6 Forward Roll x3 Split Knee Walk x6 – each leg Skill Broad jump for distance, start at 3 feet, and every jump add 6 inches until max distance is reached Combo 3 rounds Clean and Jerk 100lbs x5 Shoulder Carry Squat x3 – left Read more ›

You’ve got some skills?  You’re an Intermediate MovNatter, good for you!  Do 5 sets of:   40 Ft Foot Elbow Crawl x 2 Split Squat (both sides) + 3 Ft Vertical Jump + Split Squat (both sides) + 3 Ft Depth Jump | x 4 Squat to Kneeling x 10 Sliding Swing-Up x 4 (both Read more ›

Are you completely new to this? You’re a Beginner MovNatter and that’s cool.   Find a partner and try 3 sets of:   40 Ft Knee Elbow Crawl 12 Ft 2×4 Balancing Walk 40 Ft Walking Split Squat Deep Squat x 10 Light dowel or wood stick, One Arm Cross Throw and Catch x 20 You Read more ›