“Surpass Yourself” ~ By Master Instructor Vic Verdier

“I didn’t think I could do it.”


“That was one of the most exhilarating, but also one of the most dreadful experiences of my life.”


“I knew it would be difficult but I never imagined I would be so scared of that.”

What could be such an unforgettable event of many people’s life? Being in a cage fighting an UFC Champion?  Crossing the Atlantic Ocean during a Force 5 hurricane?  Spending a day shopping with Paris Hilton?  No.  All these comments come from participants of the last 7-day MovNat retreats in Thailand.  How could they be so dramatic, when we’re talking about holidays in a tropical paradise?  The answer is based on two words:

Comfort Zone.

As everyone knows, MovNat is all about efficient, practical, natural human movement.  Participating in one of our 7-day retreats in Thailand or Costa Rica is no exception to the rule.  Participants learn to move, to move better, to move more efficiently and above all, to move with a purpose.  But moving is only one part of the equation.  If you really want to be “life ready” and to efficiently deal with what life might throw at you, you need to be able to adapt.  You adapt to the circumstances and to the environment.  If for whatever reason you need to swim, you want to be able to swim even if you are in water too deep to stand up, or in limited visibility, or when the weather is not nice and calm.  If you want to lift a heavy object, you need to be able to do it even if the object is cumbersome and rough on the edge, even if you stand on a slope or if the terrain is sandy and not very stable.

Surpassing oneself physically and mentally.

The participants of the last MovNat workshops in Thailand discovered this concept and its practical consequences.  We had participants from every walk of life, ranging from 18 to 71 years old, from every corner of the planet and every level of fitness you can imagine.  And every one of them was challenged in a different way. Balancing on a 2m/6 foot high beam was problematic for some of them but they all managed to do it, fighting their fear of height and expanding their comfort zone.  Swimming by night in almost total darkness was a real prowess for others who didn’t feel comfortable in the water to begin with. Jumping over a rail or crawling between rocks in a tight cave were other types of challenges.  As were being the only woman in a group of men during a grappling session of MovNat Combatives, or running barefoot and crawling in a tropical jungle without any other form of protection than a pair of shorts.

Building a stronger, more confident, more capable and adaptable self.

The human mind is a strange thing and one might be able to move very efficiently in a controlled environment but find themselves completed paralyzed by some fears that would surprise other people far less fit but more mentally flexible.  Over the last few years, teaching MovNat in so many countries and so many cultures, I’ve been fortunate enough to better comprehend how mental training is an important part of what we do and how we perform. I discovered many small fears stopping perfectly healthy and capable athletes from reaching their true potential.  And I contributed in helping them overcoming those fears and limitations and making them more resilient and more able to perform out of their comfort zone.
Like any other species on this planet, human beings need to constantly adapt to their environment and circumstances in order to survive.  Because we changed our environment so much, based on our needs, we tend to loose this ability to deal with an unforeseen situation, creating unnecessary stress in the process.
But who wants to live in a chronic state of stress just because we cannot deal with all the variables that make life so interesting?  That’s the reason why we teach workshops in a lot of different environments, from the snowy mountains of New Mexico to the hot and sunny beaches of Thailand, from the deep forests of North America to the tropical jungle of Costa Rica.  There are challenges for everyone and facing them makes us mentally and physically stronger.

Vic Verdier

MovNat Master Instructor

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Going beyond your limits can be so fun!

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