Specialty Certifications

MovNat Aquatics

This certification covers the tools, methodology, techniques and variations for MovNat in-water activities to help you become comfortable, confident, and competent in pools, lakes, rivers or oceans.

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MovNat Aquatics

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MovNat Combatives

Aggression in the street, bullying at school, rape and sexual harassment, mass shootings in public places, acts of violence or terrorism, social conflicts – on a daily basis, we hear about these events taking place around us.
If MovNat is all about our ability to move efficiently and safely in any environment we find ourselves in, what about when we find ourselves in a position to save someone else’s life – or our own?

From the very beginning, MovNat’s approach to coaching fighting skills has been based on the practice of self-defense, rather than on traditional martial arts. MovNat combatives are practical, grounded in reality-based scenarios and easy-to-learn techniques that can be used by anyone, even under stressful circumstances.
The Combatives Specialty Trainer Certification Workshop is a 2-day workshop designed to provide the MovNat Trainer with all the tools to teach principles that can be applied to any kind of self-defense and/or life-threatening situation, regardless of the environment and the physical abilities of the potential victim. The techniques can also be applied in sport-oriented activities, as they increase your efficiency in striking and grappling.

Techniques and skills covered include: how to overcome fear and detect potential threat, how to teach the psychology of self-defense, the quick action-reaction-decision process when under adrenaline-induced stress, the 10 essential striking techniques, the fundamentals of grappling and ground survival, the essential rules of dealing with any weapon, several attackers, unconventional situations, and more.

This workshop is conducted by Vic Verdier, MovNat Master Instructor. Vic has been teaching various self-defense systems for civilians and the military most of his life (Military CQB, Krav Maga, Thai boxing, BJJ, PDR, Reality-Based Personal Protection, etc).

The workshop is accessible to all, regardless of experience. People who are not Level 1 MovNat Trainers can also participate in this workshop!

However the requirements to get certified as a MovNat Combatives Specialty Trainer are:
1) to be certified as Level 1 MovNat Trainer
2) to have a CPR/1st Aid/AED certificate (less than 2 years),
3) to pass the MovNat Combatives test (scenario, teaching assignment, etc)
4) to be comfortable with grappling/pushing and being in close contact with other participants. No Martial Arts background required, as the Combatives have little to do with tradition-based or sport martial arts.


MovNat Combatives – January 2019 (Tulum, Mexico)