STRONG BY NATURE Workshop<br> with Erwan Le Corre (London)

with Erwan Le Corre (London)

When: Jun 09 - Jun 10, 2018
Instructor: Erwan Le Corre



This immersive 2-day movement workshop in London with Erwan Le Corre is a unique and rare opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Natural Movement® Fitness with the Founder of MovNat®.

Who Is This Event For?

This retreat is open to everyone, no matter your current movement abilities or fitness level. We will be focusing on rebuilding basic movement patterns, using MovNat’s “from the ground up” approach. The level of difficulty will be scaled for each person’s ability. This workshop is beginner friendly, and you will never be pushed to do anything too hard, unsafe, or that you’re uncomfortable with.

What to Expect

We will be out in nature most of the day, in the lovely natural setting of Hampstead Heath, learning the foundations of Natural Movement, fully in context in an unstructured outdoor environment. Erwan will emphasize basic yet challenging, mindful movements, particularly ground movements, get-ups, and foundational gait patterns with amazing benefits for overall mobility and stability.

You will learn dozens of techniques, such as:

  • Ground Movement (lying, rolling, crawling, sitting, kneeling and get-ups)
  • Gait Movement (walking variations, technical stepping, running)
  • Balancing Movement
  • Airborne Movement (basic jumping and vaulting techniques)
  • Climbing Movement (specifically on narrow vertical and horizontal surfaces)
  • Manipulative Movement (specifically body carrying)

You will also receive teaching and coaching in Movement Efficiency Principles (e.g. including breathing technique) and General Practice Efficiency principles. Plus, some Natural Movement lifestyle tips.

A Note From Erwan: This is not a boot-camp. As I like to put it, “you don’t need to be fit to move, you need to move to become fit.” The goal is to LEARN to move better and get in shape in the process, not to get your ass kicked and learn nothing. My job and approach is to keep you as physically and mentally energetic as possible. I want you to learn but also assimilate what you have learned. And this is impossible if you are physically exhausted. While the majority of the movements are low-intensity, they demand a great deal of attention. The work will be as much mental as physical. Trust me, prolonged mindfulness can be quite a workout for the brain!

If for any reason you are physically unable to do a given movement, I will always suggest a different movement just for you so you can remain active and keep benefiting. There is no “peer pressure” or petty comparisons and competition in my workshops and you are never compelled to do anything you can’t. You are never compared to anybody. You are always commended for your efforts, even though I may gently sass you.

I will teach you not only how we move efficiently but also WHY we move. What is the big picture. I blend a lot of movement and life related philosophical insights in my teaching… and I crack jokes… which makes it very unique. Be prepared to IMMERSE yourself in movement for two days. Not only will it change how you move & how you think about movement. It will change how you think.

You will learn the essential connection between your basic movement patterns and your overall vitality. As your body reawakens to it’s natural movement abilities, your mind will follow along in expansion. You’ll learn to see opportunities for movement all around you. You’ll go back to your life with a new understanding. You’ll go back different.


Our training will be in various locations within Hampstead Heath.

We will meet at 9AM on Saturday and Sunday and practice moving until 5PM, with a 90-minute break for lunch.

Please bring water, snacks, clothing you can move comfortably in, and minimalist shoes. It is also recommended to bring a small notebook and a pen or pencil.

  • Discover fundamental movement efficiency principles that will renew your understanding of movement and immediately enhance your movements skills.
  • Master efficient breathing techniques to instantly boost your well-being, energy levels, focus and recovery.
  • Learn fundamental Natural Movement techniques that will transform your real-life movement performance and turn you into a skilled and confident mover.
  • Acquire a wide repertoire of movement variations and drills you can practice at home without equipment.
  • Learn the essential MovNat principles you need to start your own Natural Movement self-training anytime, anywhere and keep making progress after the workshop
  • Connect with like-minded people from around the world!


“And with that one word — “practical” — Le Corre exposes a key weakness in modern exercise: Our workouts are domesticated, while the world out there is still plenty wild. In a pinch, can a man put gym-generated biceps and tank-tread abs to any real use? Could it be that our treadmill-running, elliptical-gliding, well-oiled Cybex world has turned us into show dogs who can’t hold our own in the hunt?”

“Le Corre’s program occupies a space all its own. If anything, MovNat falls within the concept of “evolutionary fitness,” an increasingly popular trend embraced by a loosely organized but fast-growing global community of health enthusiasts, medical professionals, and athletes.”

“In a fitness industry driven by competition and aesthetics, Erwan Le Corre is a beacon of light. His school of natural movement celebrates Nature – both within us and around us. As millions of feet pound millions of treadmills in air-conditioned gyms the world over, one man in the wilds of New Mexico is quietly starting a natural fitness revolution.”

It is very rare for Erwan to be teaching in this part of the world. So, take advantage of this special opportunity to train with the founder of MovNat, and reserve a spot before it sells out!