Natural Movement, Permaculture and Herbalism: Rewilding Body and Home

Natural Movement, Permaculture and Herbalism: Rewilding Body and Home

When: Jul 23 - Jul 25, 2019
Instructor: Danny Clark


Learn Practical Living Skills by Empowering the
Mind-Body-Environment Connection


Join us for a two and a half day workshop with 3 leaders in their fields. Learn the foundations of Natural Movement Fitness, Permaculture and Herbalism in the perfect setting: a 150+ acre Permaculture farm in the heart of Vermont’s Green Mountains. Join Danny Clark, COO & Performance Director of MovNat, Ben Falk, author of “The Resilient Farm and Homestead“, and Erica Falk, Naturopathic Doctor & Herbalist in this unique lifestyle retreat.

Note: The first 10 participants to register will receive $200 off! (UPDATE: The first 10 spots sold out within a few days last time, so act quickly!). Family and group rates are available. Please contact us for details.

Who Is This Retreat For?

This retreat is open to everyone interested in improving the vitality and resiliency of themselves and their land base, no matter your age or experience level.

What do Natural Movement Fitness, Permaculture, and Herbalism have in common?

They are rooted in personal empowerment, resilience and regeneration though and understanding of how to work with, rather than against natural forces. This workshop will teach you how to become self-sufficient in your ability to to move naturally, perform physically, develop/further enhance skill involved in food production, landscape rehabilitation and making/using plant medicine. The workshop’s setting amidst a regenerative permaculture farm offers participants an immersive experience in a place where food production, wildlife habitat improvement, the revival of water springs and drought proofing, the formation of carbon-rich topsoil and flood production and integrated into one whole.

What’s The Agenda & What’s Included?

Instruction, camping and food is included in the price.

Day 1 = dinner
Day 2 = breakfast + lunch + dinner
Day 3 = breakfast + lunch


Note: you will need to bring your own camping equipment, but lodging in the farmhouse is available. Email for more information on that.



The first day introduces you to the topics covered and orients us to the biorhythm of the farm. Natural Movement will set the tone for the experience and will be revealed and practiced throughout the workshop. Danny focuses on practical, mindful movement and progressive, safe skill acquisition: particularly ground movement, get-ups, and locomotion patterns. Emphasis will be placed on regeneration of the body in relation to the active lifestyle of permaculture, gardening, farming, homesteading, etc.


DAY 2+3

The bulk of the course will be conducted in the fields and forests of Satoyama farm, learning landscape regeneration, plant medicine ID and medicine making while taking advantage of natural movement opportunities in a real-world setting.  These practices integrate to have benefits that you feel immediately for overall physiological health, sustainable fitness and reconnection to the child-like enjoyment of movement and nature.

Topics Included:

Natural Movement

  • Safe, step-by-step progressions for all ages, abilities, and fitness levels
  • MovNat’s principles, and how they will change how you think about the way you move
  • Understanding MovNat’s approach to developing movement skill and improving fitness
  • Special emphasis on ground movement for restoring stability and mobility
  • Introduction to each of MovNat’s movement domains, from crawling to climbing
  • How to incorporate MovNat into an at-home practice or busy lifestyle


  • Regenerating ecosystems: drought-proofing, flood mitigation, wildlife habitat enhancement and creation, topsoil formation and carbon-farming, designing for climate change, and more of what’s found in the practice of permaculture
  • Home garden approaches for growing one’s food in small spaces with limited time
  • Landscape and home design to improve your vitality: outdoor space creation for maximizing outdoor time/sunshine accessing across the entire year in a cold climate through microclimate enhancement
  • High performance passive dwelling strategies including wood heating and hot water production, reducing electric, heat and cooling needs, and increasing the affordability of home and land maintenance


  • Principles of Healing and Order of Theraputics
  • Bioregional herbalism
  • Medicine making and the home apothecary (includes making a salve from the land)

So, be prepared to get moving and get messy!

Is This Event Right For You?

You will learn the essential connection between your basic movement patterns, your overall vitality, and your environment. As your body first reawakens to it’s natural movement abilities, your mind will follow along in expansion. You’ll learn to see opportunities for movement all around you…most obviously in your ability to play an active role in self-sustenance, healing, and stewardship of your ecosystem. You’ll go back to your life with a new understanding. You’ll go back different, as a more vitalized and empowered human.


Day 1 begins at 3pm.

Day 2+3 begins at 9am and ends at 4pm.

The farm is located near Rochester, Vermont in the heart of the Green Mountains area. The address will be emailed to participants 1 month before the event.

Nearest airports: Burlington International (BVT, 80 minutes), Lebanon Municipal (LEB, 40 min), and Manchester-Boston Regional (MHT, 2 hrs)

Please bring water, snacks, clothing you can move easily in and minimalist shoes. It is also recommended to bring a small notebook & writing implement.

Special bonuses:

  • Enjoy fresh spring water from the site to fuel your experience each day
  • Optional wood fired sauna hydrotherapy session with Erica Koch, ND one evening

“We connect to our body through movement because it sustains a high-quality, empowered life, and we learn to tend to the land and plants and grow for the same reason.” – Erwan Le Corre, MovNat Founder