MovNat Reconnect Retreat – San Rafael, Colombia

MovNat Reconnect Retreat – San Rafael, Colombia

When: Jan 26 - Jan 31, 2022
Instructor: Danny Clark


MovNat Reconnect:

A Fun and Regenerative Natural Movement® Immersion in Colombia, South America.

This is an all-inclusive event. Food, lodging, and transportation to and from the airport is included in the price.

Between the pandemic, quarantines, and hyper-digitalization of society, this past year has held a unique set of challenges for folks around the globe.

Many in our MovNat community have been able to maintain, and even gain, physical and mental resilience through their Natural Movement practice at home. And yet, we also know that fear, confinement, and disconnection have been dominating themes for many.

We’ve heard from family, friends, and our community, as well as experiencing it ourselves: These trends are putting new pressures on our personal, professional and interpersonal lives. It is with this awareness that we have created “MovNat Reconnect,” an expedition to reawaken your power, health, and freedom!

IMPORTANT: Scholarships are available for residents of South American countries. Please contact us for more information.

In MovNat Reconnect, we will expand our Practice of Natural Movement as we celebrate and reconnect with life, nature, and humanity. The guiding themes of this immersion are courage, connection, and regeneration, so that we can return home more “Strong to Be Helpful” than ever!

MovNat Reconnect will happen in communion with an extraordinary ecosystem: the jungles, rivers, and mountains of beautiful Colombia. Experience the thrill of exploring and deeply penetrating exotic, rugged terrain using MovNat’s principles of movement efficiency and adaptability. Imbibe the tranquility by surrounding yourself with the thrum of pristine forests and flowing turquoise clear waters that create this magical land. Do all of this as you learn, grow, and find your flow with a tribe of fellow travelers in this incredible journey of reconnection.

MovNat Reconnect is open to anyone who has attended a MovNat course, as well as anyone who is in good physical condition and is willing to practice the fundamental MovNat movements before the event. You do not need to be extremely fit or an advanced level mover to participate.

About Danny Clark

MovNat Reconnect is led by Performance Director and Master Instructor, Danny Clark. As the leader of the MovNat certification curriculum and team, Danny is one of the most experienced and passionate teachers of the MovNat system. With a depth of knowledge that will ensure safety and optimal progression of your capability, this event is sure to leave you feeling physically transformed and mentally restored.

About Johnathon Lang

Johnathon Lang is a MovNat Immersion Instructor and Iraq War Veteran who loves creating scenarios for folks to find their true nature.

Since becoming a MovNat Certified Trainer, he has led and facilitated various Natural Movement-oriented wilderness experiences, including holistic fitness camps, ancestral medicine processes, and organizational leadership programs.

In addition to moving better, his international students credit his approach with helping them become more physically energized, mentally focused, and emotionally engaged.

Johnathon looks forward to helping you deepen your Practice of Natural Movement as a rock-solid foundation for health, flourishing, and development!

The Ecosystem: High Andean Jungle

MovNat Reconnect will be held in a very special space: San Rafael, Antioquia, Colombia.

Colombia boasts the second most bio-diverse ecosystem in the world, with unparalleled natural beauty and vibrancy. Lush forests, textured mountain vistas, and jaw dropping waterfalls are commonplace in this minimally impacted region of the world. The high jungle is as safe and diverse as any ecosystem in North America, making it a great place to learn, explore, and relax. Attention will be paid to understanding the local flora and fauna, minimizing the risk of incidence.

The country of Colombia is one of the safest travel destinations in South America. Here’s a great article on traveling to Colombia: Is Colombia Safe?

San Rafael is a quaint, peaceful town with an abundance of charming people and serene natural beauty. However, traveling to any foreign place, including within your own country, is an adventure and includes inherent risk. We encourage you to do your due diligence before traveling to ensure attention to safety and maximize the enjoyment of your experience.


Participants will connect and enjoy a dinner at Zafra Nature Reserve on January 26, 2022 while settling into the immersion center. Your Instructor Team will give a brief description of the days to follow. Each morning, we will meet together to share a breakfast, then head out into the jungle to enjoy a full day (with a lunch break) of movement lessons, explorations, and nature attunement drills. The last day will include a specially designed MovNat Reconnect Expedition that will solidify your newfound capability, confidence, and connection with the group. The immersion will end at 1 p.m. on Monday, January 31, giving you enough time to make an evening flight home or check into lodging at your next destination (such as exploring the city of Medellin or Colombia’s Coffee Zone).


This is an all-inclusive event. Food, lodging, and transportation to and from the airport is included in the price.

Participants will fly into the Medellin airport (MDE in Rionegro) on Wednesday, January 26, 2022. Transportation times to Zafra will be noon and 3pm and are included in the price. Participants are also welcome to arrange their own transportation and optionally arrive Thursday morning by 9am at the retreat center.

The immersion center is located in San Rafael, Colombia at the Zafra Reserve, about 2.5 hours taxi from the airport.

Three clean, healthy Colombian style meals (balanced with unprocessed proteins, fats, and carb sources) will be served a day and will be included in the price.

Participants will leave on Monday, January 31 by taxi at 2 p.m. from Zafra to the Medellin airport (cost included), or can arrange their own ride to the destination of their choice (cost not included). Participants can inquire with us about spending additional time at the retreat center to explore the local nature and culture.

What to Bring

  • Comfortable clothing for moving in the outdoors (e.g. shorts, T-shirts, etc.)
  • Hat
  • Minimal shoes
  • Sun lotion
  • Snacks and Fluids
  • A small notebook and a pen or pencil.

Please Join Us!

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.” – Amy Poehler

This experience is a rare opportunity to learn and challenge yourself while moving through beautiful landscapes in the exotic Colombian jungle – making it a perfect Natural Movement® fitness experience for students who are ready to take the next step in their practice. This event is the third progression of our massively successful “Jungle Immersion” events held in 2020 and 2021. We love this part of Colombia so much that we wanted to go BIGGER and DEEPER! If you love a challenge, love MovNat, and love moving in nature with other awesome people, you won’t want to miss this!

Will you be one of the rare people to complete a MovNat Retreat? Please sign up TODAY to hold yourself accountable and motivate yourself to work hard to prepare. Scholarships are also available for South American residents.

“A highly visceral and concretely human experience, facilitated by caring people and a landscape…I am grateful to have lived all this.” -Sébastien Raud, France (2018 Immersion Graduate)

Note: See “Testimonials” tab above for more student feedback about this course.


What Our Students Want You To Know

“I am very grateful to have experienced this. If you want to REALLY get to know yourself mentally and physically, you have to try this, at least once. If you give your very best, you will feel more confident, strong and capable than at any other time in your life. It is a transformational growth experience. This event was a big highlight in my adult life. THANK YOU for an incredible and unforgettable event.” -George Karaminas, Montreal, Canada

“I might have been a little nervous about being an over 50 female and if I would be able to handle it…I did not feel that I was pressured to perform above what I could handle, challenged yes, but pressured no. It put a spark in me to challenge myself more and come back stronger next year!” -Sherry Johnson, IA

This was an amazing experience which challenged me physically and mentally. It helped to clear my mind of the many things in our everyday lives which can inundate us with stress. It was a great time to reflect and grow personally and spiritually for me. It helped me to see the places in my life which I could improve upon to have greater balance.” -Chi Bang, Boston, MA

“Given the quality of the food and on-site amenities, and the richness of the experience itself, I can say with confidence that it was worth every penny and then some. If you want to prove to yourself that you can face a challenge and push your limits physically and mentally, this is it! Thank you very much! This was exactly the kind of thing that got me interested in MovNat to begin with and lived up to all my expectations. Let’s do it again soon!” -Ryn Midura, Boston, MA

The final day immersion was outstanding. I loved the mystery around the event, the immersion in nature and the various challenges…I am so grateful to all of you for this experience. The location was spectacular, the food was amazing and the coaching, exceptional…I feel very inspired to take my training to the next level. -David Barclay, Denver, CO

I have never felt as empowered to move forward in new creative ways as I do now…I had an excellent experience, it really still feels like the glow after a well fought for rites of passage. I feel very validated in my bones to keep moving forward.” -Jonathan Frame, NH

“The course was so delightful… I have never been happier. The people who came – MovNat in general, just really attracts the nicest people. I have found that people were so willing to help, and the camaraderie in being a part of the community. I literally wouldn’t have it any other way. So, thank you guys for hosting such a wonderful adventure. I literally needed something like this… and I would like to encourage women to challenge yourself! I did it! I’m five foot tall…and I’m over 50.” -Julie Beck, CA

I like being challenged and the fast pace “keep up” structure felt good because I had to dig deep and convince myself that I can do this jump. I’m afraid of heights so the jumping part of the challenge was very rewarding and also I can do a couple swing ups when before I couldn’t.” Harry Su, NH