MovNat Foundations, Combatives, and Aquatics <br>Sayulita, Mexico

MovNat Foundations, Combatives, and Aquatics
Sayulita, Mexico

When: Jan 17 - Jan 21, 2020
Instructor: MovNat Team




This retreat with our MovNat® Team is a rare opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Natural Movement® while moving through beautiful landscapes on the rejuvenating Pacific coastline – making it a perfect Natural Movement® fitness experience for beginners.


We believe Natural Movement® is more than a fitness practice. It’s a way of life. We also believe it’s the best way to strengthen you mentally and physically, that the best learning and growth happens through experience (i.e. outside of your comfort zone), and that Nature is one of our greatest teachers.

So, if you want to improve your fitness and Natural Movement abilities, please join us at this special retreat, where you’ll safely explore the MovNat Foundations, Combatives, and Aquatics curriculum under the tutelage of some of the world’s greatest movement coaches. Make memories on the beach, doing things you never thought you could, at this one-of-a-kind experience designed to positively impact your life through Natural Movement®.

Note: The first 10 participants to register for the full 5-day course will save $100! That’s $200 off the full price!

Who Is This Retreat For?

We designed the MovNat Foundations retreat with beginners in mind, but we adapt it to whoever participates.

This retreat is open to everyone no matter your age, fitness level, or current movement abilities. We will be focusing on rebuilding basic movement patterns, using MovNat’s “from the ground up” approach. The level of difficulty will be scaled for each person’s ability. So, this retreat is definitely beginner friendly, and you will never be pushed to do anything too hard, unsafe, or that you’re uncomfortable with. But you will be challenged!

What to Expect – 5 days that will change your life

We will be out in nature most of the day, in the lovely natural setting of the Sayulita coastline, learning the foundations of Natural Movement®, fully in context in an outdoor environment. Your instructors will emphasize basic yet challenging, mindful movements with amazing benefits for overall fitness, mobility and conditioning.

Foundations Techniques Covered To Help You Become a Capable, Confident Mover

During the first three days of the course (Foundations), you will learn dozens of basic Natural Movement techniques, such as:

  • Ground Movement (lying, rolling, crawling, sitting, kneeling and get-ups)
  • Gait Movement (walking and balancing variations, technical stepping, running)
  • Airborne Movement (basic jumping and vaulting techniques)
  • Climbing Movement (specifically on narrow vertical and horizontal surfaces)
  • Manipulative Movement (e.g. lifting, carrying, throwing, catching, etc.)

You will also receive teaching and coaching in Movement Efficiency Principles (e.g. including breathing technique) and General Practice Efficiency principles to help you get the most out of your MovNat practice.

Intro to MovNat Combatives & Aquatics

The final two days of this course will be led by MovNat Master Instructor, Vic Verdier, where you’ll experience an introduction to MovNat Combatives and MovNat Aquatics courses (1 day each).

Combatives Techniques and skills covered:

  • How to overcome fear, detect potential threats, and avoid dangerous situations
  • How to teach the psychology of self-defense
  • The quick action-reaction-decision process when under adrenaline-induced stress
  • Essential striking techniques and key target areas
  • The fundamentals of grappling and ground survival
  • The essential rules of dealing with any weapon, several attackers, and unconventional situations
  • and much more!

You’ll also learn practical ways to help you and others become more confident in chaotic situations, and how to make training sessions effective regardless of the environment, the temperature, and the logistics.

Aquatics Techniques and practices covered include:

  • Different swim strokes adapted to the circumstances and environment
  • Free-diving techniques
  • Breath-holding optimization
  • Rescue techniques for cooperative, non-cooperative, and unconscious persons
  • Moving objects in the water, at the surface, underwater and out of the water

You’ll also learn practical tips to help you and others become more confident in the water, and how to make training sessions enjoyable regardless of the environment, the temperature, and the logistics.

Note: These Combatives and Aquatics courses are introductory workshops – not certification events. Actual techniques taught may vary from the lists above.

What Our Students Want You To Know

“I might have been a little nervous about being an over 50 female and if I would be able to handle it…I did not feel that I was pressured to perform above what I could handle, challenged yes, but pressured no. It put a spark in me to challenge myself more and come back stronger next year!” -Sherry Johnson, IA

I am very grateful to have experienced this. If you want to REALLY get to know yourself mentally and physically, you have to try this, at least once. If you give your very best, you will feel more confident, strong and capable than at any other time in your life. It is a transformational growth experience. This event was a big highlight in my adult life. THANK YOU for an incredible and unforgettable event.” -George Karaminas, Montreal, Canada

“My first impression of MovNat was that it was primarily for athletic (highly skilled) young men and that it would be awkward or even embarrassing if a 55+ year old woman showed up for a workshop. What I found instead was a place where all are welcome. I found instructors who are knowledgeable, excellent communicators, humble people who genuinely love movement and want to share that love with others. The principles of MovNat are for everyone, and natural movement is freedom and joy as opposed to fear and apprehension. I give credit to the excellent leaders and a model that includes safe and effective progressions which help improve confidence and competence at the same time. Thank you to MovNat for this system and for giving me a new excitement about my current abilities and the possibilities for many wonderful future movement experiences.” – Margot Wing

PREPARE TO Learn, Adapt, and Increase Your Real World Capability

At this special MovNat Foundation Retreats, you will:

  • Discover fundamental movement efficiency principles that will enhance your understanding of movement and immediately improve your movements skills.
  • Master efficient breathing techniques to instantly boost your well-being, energy levels, focus and recovery.
  • Learn fundamental Natural Movement® techniques that will transform your real-life movement performance and turn you into a skilled and confident mover.
  • Acquire a wide repertoire of movement variations and drills you can practice anywhere, with or without equipment.
  • Learn the essential MovNat principles you need to start your own Natural Movement practice and keep making progress after the course.
  • Connect with like-minded people from around the world!



Meet Your Instructors

Danny Clark

As MovNat’s Performance Director, Danny Clark, CSCS “sets the bar” for rigorous and thorough MovNat certification standards. He is a MovNat Master Instructor, a world-class athlete, a scholar in evolutionary biology and archaeology, and has extensive knowledge of exercise science, S&C programming, and ground fighting. His unique skill set and expertise enables him to develop thorough and highly informed MovNat movement progressions and performance programming standards.

Vic Verdier

Vic Verdier is a MovNat Master Instructor and a former French Commando. Vic has been teaching various self-defense systems for civilians and the military for most of his life, including Military Close Quarter Combat, Krav Maga, Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Personal Defense Readiness, and Reality-Based Personal Protection, among others. Vic also has more than 20 years of experience teaching and helping people in and around the water as a Free Diving Instructor, Scuba Diving Instructor, Swim Coach, and Lifeguard. He is the creator of the MovNat Combatives and Aquatics specialty certification workshops.

What’s On The Agenda?
Your Transformation.

We’ll be rebuilding and refining basic movement patterns that most modern humans have lost, using MovNat’s “from the ground up” approach. 

You can expect at least six hours of professional instruction per day (e.g. 5 hours of movement instruction and 1 hour of lecture), split between morning and afternoon sessions. Every session will first cover fundamental movement techniques and variations with a great emphasis on mindfulness, breath, position, stability, and relaxation. Your instructors will emphasize practical, mindful movement and progressive, safe skill acquisition.

What’s included:

  • Safe, step-by-step progressions for all ages, abilities, and fitness levels
  • Learn MovNat’s principles through experience, and how they will change how you think about the way you move
  • Understanding MovNat’s approach to developing movement skill and improving fitness
  • Special emphasis on ground movement (e.g. sitting, kneeling, crawling, get ups, etc.) for restoring stability and mobility
  • Introduction to each of MovNat’s movement domains (e.g. crawling, walking, running, balancing, jumping, climbing, lifting, carrying, throwing, catching, etc.)
  • Special Introduction to MovNat Combatives and MovNat Aquatics
  • Instruction on how to incorporate MovNat into your existing fitness routine, at-home practice, or busy lifestyle

We will be practicing out in nature most (if not all) of the day in the lovely natural setting of the Pacific coastline, learning the foundations of this lost practice through a safe, gently challenging method. This experience will have clear benefits that you will feel immediately for overall physiological health, sustainable fitness, and reconnection to the child-like enjoyment of movement.

What Our Students Want You To Know

MovNat has completely flipped my movement philosophy on itself. I was limited before to four walls and typical gym equipment. I was boxed in…MovNat has transformed my exercise into a true movement practice where skills are practiced for the sake of becoming more competent and moving through my environment with more mastery. MovNat has rejuvenated the joy of moving.” – Alicia Wang

“I was very apprehensive about my preparation for the course due to my Achilles injuries. I was willing to try and trusted the MovNat approach to safe progressions, but was concerned that I was going to be a rookie among pros. Now, I can say that my fears were unfounded. I am so grateful to all of you for this experience. The location was spectacular, the food was amazing and the coaching, exceptional…I feel very inspired to take my training to the next level.” -David Barclay, Denver, CO

The course was so delightful… I have never been happier. The people who came – MovNat in general, just really attracts the nicest people. I have found that people were so willing to help, and the camaraderie in being a part of the community. I literally wouldn’t have it any other way. So, thank you guys for hosting such a wonderful adventure. I literally needed something like this… and I would like to encourage women to challenge yourself! I did it! I’m five foot tall…and I’m over 50.” -Julie Beck

What The Press Is Saying – Get “Strong By Nature”

company-logo-1“And with that one word — “practical” — Le Corre exposes a key weakness in modern exercise: Our workouts are domesticated, while the world out there is still plenty wild. In a pinch, can a man put gym-generated biceps and tank-tread abs to any real use? Could it be that our treadmill-running, elliptical-gliding, well-oiled Cybex world has turned us into show dogs who can’t hold our own in the hunt?”

company-logo-3“Le Corre’s program occupies a space all its own. If anything, MovNat falls within the concept of “evolutionary fitness,” an increasingly popular trend embraced by a loosely organized but fast-growing global community of health enthusiasts, medical professionals, and athletes.”

resurgence“In a fitness industry driven by competition and aesthetics, Erwan Le Corre is a beacon of light. His school of natural movement celebrates Nature – both within us and around us. As millions of feet pound millions of treadmills in air-conditioned gyms the world over, one man in the wilds of New Mexico is quietly starting a natural fitness revolution.”

Event Destination: A Natural Movement Paradise

Our training will be in various locations around Sayulita, Mexico (beach, jungle, etc.). The nearest airport is the Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR), which is served by several companies.


  • Clothing you can move comfortably in the outdoors (e.g. shorts, T-shirts, etc.)
  • Rash guard (short or long sleeves if you’re sensitive to the sun)
  • Hat
  • Minimal shoes
  • Swimming gear (shorts, T-shirt, swim suit, towel, goggles if necessary).
  • Sun lotion
  • Water Bottle
  • Snacks
  • A small notebook and a pen or pencil.

ACcommodations information:

Accommodations are not included in the course fee. However, we are recommend two establishments that have agreed to provide discount pricing for those attending the retreat.

El Pueblito and Hotel Diamante

To book El Pueblito, use the following link to book with the MovNat discount already applied:

To book Hotel Diamante, please email at and mention the MovNat course in order to have the discount rate applied.

Please join us!

These special Foundation Retreats don’t come around very often, and this is the first time we’ve ever offered one in conjunction with an introductory workshop to MovNat Aquatics and Combatives. So, if you want to improve your movement and fitness with other awesome people, don’t miss this special retreat with some world-renowned movement teachers!

Learn the fundamentals of Natural Movement® and the MovNat lifestyle first-hand with Danny, Vic, and the MovNat Team! This is a vacation you’ll never forget! Please take the next step in your movement and fitness journey, and sign up TODAY before it sells out!

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.” – Amy Poehler


Please contact us about an additional 15% discount for couples who register together. Also, MovNat Certified Trainers are eligible for an additional $100 off the listed price of this Foundations Retreat. Finally, participants in this retreat will be given a $500 voucher towards the price of a Level 1 Certification. Please note these discounts cannot be combined with other offers.

Please email to get your custom coupon codes. And hurry! The first ten spots are going to go fast!