Level II Certification – Hannover, Germany

Level II Certification – Hannover, Germany

When: Jun 28 - Jun 29, 2021
Instructor: Bernd Reicheneder


Go deeper into Natural Movement® Fitness with the MovNat Level 2 Certification.

You’ve already learned the basics of Natural Movement®. You know your body craves not only natural movements, but diverse, complex movement in a natural environment, and that the human body needs this to remain healthy, mobile, strong, and capable. You also know that Level 1 opens up a whole new world of possibilities, there is so much more to learn. Now it’s time to step things up.

Course Description: The MovNat Level 2 Certification is an intermediate level course that will bring your personal movement skills, knowledge, and coaching ability to the next level. Not only will you learn more advanced techniques and develop a deeper understanding of Natural Movement® Fitness, you’ll also start exploring the idea of integrated movement by practicing combinations and transitions while improvising to specific circumstances.

The Level 2 movements add several layers of complexity and technique efficiency to the Level 1 foundation you’ve already acquired. The movements and protocols taught in L2 will challenge even the fittest students, and better prepare you for even more ambitious personal and professional goals. This new set of advanced techniques and knowledge will enable you to confidently begin programming movement for a variety of students and environments. With this curriculum, you will get a taste for the full orchestra that is integrated movement.

Who Is This Course For?

If you are ready to learn new natural movement skills and go deeper into the philosophy, practice, and programming within MovNat, this course is the perfect next step in your journey.

Level 2 is a challenging, yet doable course for anyone who is willing to put in the work. If you are a MovNat Certified Trainer, you already possess a foundation of knowledge and skills, which enables you to learn faster and go deeper into Natural Movement® Fitness. Like our L1 Cert, this program is for anyone who wants to become the healthiest, strongest, and most capable person they can be naturally, and wants to help others do the same.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and this course will help you discover them. You will improve your movement skills, programming knowledge, and coaching ability. If you can get through Level 2, not only will you be a very capable mover, you will also be ready to teach just about anybody. Successful completion of this course also makes you eligible to teach MovNat Elements Workshops and apply for MovNat Licensing.

This is a course we designed with professionals and serious enthusiasts in mind. Come prepared to be challenged.

Note: The level of difficulty will be scaled for each person’s ability. Even though the L2 certification is an intermediate level course, you will never be pushed to do anything too hard, unsafe, or that you’re uncomfortable with. But you will be challenged with complex movements that deliver amazing benefits for overall fitness, mobility and conditioning.

Techniques Covered To Help You Become a Capable, Confident Mover

You will learn dozens of techniques, such as:

  • Intermediate Ground Movement (e.g. crawling and get ups)
  • Gait Movement (e.g. running and balancing variations)
  • Airborne Movement (e.g. intermediate jumping and vaulting techniques)
  • Climbing Movement (specifically on narrow vertical and horizontal surfaces)
  • Manipulative Movement (e.g. lifting, carrying, throwing, catching, etc.)

You will also go deeper into Movement Efficiency Principles and General Practice Efficiency principles to help you get the most out of your MovNat practice.

What’s On The Agenda?
Your Transformation.

We’ll be learning and refining intermediate movement patterns that most modern humans have lost, using MovNat’s “from the ground up” approach. 

You can expect several hours of professional instruction per day, split between morning and afternoon sessions. Every session will first cover fundamental movement techniques and variations with a great emphasis on mindfulness, breath, position, stability, and relaxation. Your instructors will emphasize practical, mindful movement and progressive, safe skill acquisition while also introducing elements of adaptability and integrated movement.

What’s included:

  • Instruction in each of MovNat’s movement domains with safe, step-by-step progressions for all abilities and fitness levels (e.g. crawling, walking, running, balancing, jumping, vaulting, climbing, lifting, carrying, throwing, catching, etc.)
  • Instruction on MovNat’s approach to developing movement skill and improving fitness, with emphasis on how to incorporate MovNat into your existing fitness routine, at-home practice, or busy lifestyle
  • Learn how to program for special situations and populations by learning MovNat’s principles through experience
  • Instruction in how to coach simply and effectively


TKH Köln


Monday: 8am-6pm
Tuesday: 8am-6pm

Note: Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to prepare for each day’s activity.

*These times are subject to change. You will receive confirmation from your instructor prior to the event.


  • Government issued photo ID
  • Notebook and MovNat Trainer Manual
  • Training gear for indoors and outdoors (e.g. shorts, T-shirt, minimal shoes, etc.)
  • Snacks, fluids, and lunch

Steps to Prepare

  • Read the MovNat Certified Trainer Manual and study the Level 2 Prep Materials (e.g. L2 Prep Guide, L2 Progression Manual, L2 Video Library, etc.)
  • See the “Study Aids” tab above for more resources.

We recommend at least 3-6 months and 20-40 total hours of practice time to prepare for the Level 2 Certification. But depending on your fitness level and movement background, you may need more or less time to prepare.

Note: You will receive a detailed Prep Guide and additional preparation instructions upon signup. 

Please join us!

We believe in the power of moving naturally. We also believe that humans are meant to possess a high level of movement skill and fitness for a lifetime. That this is supposed to be normal. But in today’s society, it takes work! So, if you’re ready to step things up in your Natural Movement® practice, please join us for this special event.

The MovNat Level 2 Certification will help you take your movement skills, fitness, and real world capability to the next level. Sign up TODAY to hold yourself accountable and motivate yourself to work hard while preparing.

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.” – Amy Poehler

Study Aids

As part of your Level 2 Certification, we provide several important resources to help you prepare and get the most out of the experience.


MovNat Certified trainer Manual

The MovNat Certified Trainer Manual is designed to bring you up to speed with the fundamental principles & terminology that govern movement and MovNat coaching techniques. Additionally, it covers the coaching techniques required to begin teaching movement effectively and safely. The Manual is an essential resource both for certification and your continued practice.

The manual begins with a detailed explanation of MovNat theory: a definition of Natural Movement, how it is practiced to ensure optimal learning, and what it’s goals are. In particular, we cover topics such as:

  • Movement Effectiveness / Efficiency principles
  • Mindfulness & body signals
  • Kinetic preservation
  • Technique variation & adaptability
  • Formation of technique (position – sequence – tension)
  • Points & Base of Support
  • Body Weight Shifting & Transfer
  • Static & Dynamic balance

The manual also includes a detailed “Skills and Techniques” module, which breaks down an assortment of natural movements from various levels of our certification program. The purpose of this module is to show how the theory from the previous modules is used to deconstruct and coach the movements.

Skills breakdowns covered include:

  • Crawling
  • Balancing
  • Running
  • Lifting and Carrying
  • Throwing and Catching
  • Jumping
  • Climbing

For example, the Lifting & Carrying section covers common misconceptions about weight and stress on the body, “It is not the load that breaks you down, it is the way you carry it.” We cover the essentials of muscular spinal protection, Selective Tension & Abdominal Bracing, The Valsalva Maneuver, Forceful Exhalation & Intercostal musculature, etc. Techniques covered in detail include the Dead Lift, the Push Press, The Lap Carry, & the Waist Carry. All specific techniques covered in the module contain practical application drills, progressions, and safety reminders.



This section covers the best practices and considerations for teaching MovNat classes, workshops, and one on one training sessions. The specifics of the current fitness landscape, public perception, and appropriate venue are discussed. We cover all the safety concerns and practical considerations that go along with teaching Natural Movement® in the real world.

Topics in the coaching section include:

  • How to train at various levels
  • Barefoot teaching considerations
  • How to establish perception drills for new practitioners
  • How to manage training safety
  • Promoting the MovNat Situational Mindset in your teaching
  • How to deconstruct & progressively sequence proper technique
  • Identifying inefficiencies & addressing them in practice
  • How to manage training progressions
  • Programming guidelines for establishing a curriculum (Singular drills, Combos, Courses, Challenges & Games)
  • Managing class size and appropriate drills
The Video Library

Upon completing your registration, you will also be given access to our L2 video training library with hours of instructional footage to help you learn the movements in the Level 2 certification. In these videos, you can train right along with Erwan Le Corre as he takes you step by step through the movements you will be tested on.

Level 2 Preparation Guide

The L2 Prep Guide will provide a list of Baseline Capabilities that will be expected of you at the Level 2 Certification. There are also Key Skills, Training Recommendations, and Step by Step Programming Instructions with examples to help you prepare for this course.

Level 2 Progression Manual

The Level 2 Progression Manual will identify the key steps (i.e. progressions) to learning and teaching each skill covered in the course.

Additional Helpful Resources

All of the resources above will be provided to you upon registration, and this is all that is needed to succeed in the Level 2 Certification. However, if you’d like to go the extra mile, these additional resources will be helpful to go deeper in your journey.

Cert Prep – Guide by Danny Clark, MovNat Performance Director and Master Instructor.

How to Prepare for a MovNat Certification – Advice from our Team Instructors.

From the Ground Up – 12 part video series, by Danny Clark, MovNat Master Instructor.

Restoration Series 1 – Primary – Follow along, voice over video practice.

Natural Movement Video Library – visual examples of many natural movements.

MAPS Newsletter – Weekly MovNat workouts delivered via email.

The Practice of Natural Movement Book – The definitive guide to Natural Movement® Fitness.

Natural Movement Fundamentals – E-course by Danny Clark and Katy Bowman.

MovNat Online Coaching – The absolute best way to be prepared for the event, and integrate the teachings after the event to ensure maximum retention.

We trust that if you make use of these extensive resources, your certification experience will be a complete success.


The MovNat Certification has applications across a wide variety of disciplines. But don’t just take our word for it. Listen to our students explain the benefits of MovNat.



Q: What are the movement techniques covered at the Level 2 Certification?

You will have ample opportunity to learn and practice the following natural movements during the course, and most students experience great improvements in their skill throughout the event. However, it would be helpful to develop a basic level of proficiency in these movements prior to attending.

  • Ground Movement progressions
  • Get Up progressions
  • Forward Roll
  • Backward Roll
  • Rotational Rocking
  • Shoulder Crawl
  • Push Pull Crawl
  • Hip Thrust Crawl
  • General Running Technique
  • Running Reversing
  • Split Sideways Jump
  • Split Jump
  • Foot Hand Landing
  • Roll Landing
  • Front Vault
  • Split Vault
  • Kick Vault
  • Sliding Swing Up
  • Elbow Swing Up
  • Hand Swing Up
  • Tuck Pop Up
  • Swing Pop Up
  • Overhead Throw
  • One Arm Throw
  • Backward Throw
  • Clean
  • Press
  • Push Press
  • Jerk
  • Shoulder Carry
  • Dragging
  • Fireman Carry
  • Lumbar Carry

Note: The skills taught may vary from event to event.

Q: May I attend the Level 2 Certification even if I am NOT a health or fitness professional or don’t want to get certified?

Yes! The Level 2 Certification was created for both professionals and enthusiasts alike, and anyone can participate. Many of our students are not health or fitness professionals and simply want to continue their education and journey to moving better.

Q: What are the requirements to earn the Level 2 Certification?

To become a Level 2 MovNat Certified Trainer, you must hold a current Level 1 Certification, a CPR/AED certification, and successfully pass the following evaluations:

  • Movement Technique – Instructors will evaluate your efficiency in all the Level 2 movement techniques, including your ability to adapt to and execute unrehearsed combinations of L2 techniques in complex environments. You will also be expected to have the conditioning to demonstrate any L2 technique multiple times in a row.
  • Coaching Ability – Instructors will evaluate your ability to coach others in a safe and effective manner using a test scenario in a group format. Candidates will be expected to be able to verbalize and demonstrate proper technique for all Level 2 movements as well as identify and correct inefficient movement patterns.

Failure in any area of evaluation will result in no certification being issued to the participant. However, there is a 6-month grace period for completing any incomplete or failed L2 tests. Upon passing, a certificate will be issued backdated to the date of the event. Also, logistics permitting, the candidates who fail some of the tests might be allowed to re-take the tests during the same weekend. We want you to succeed!

Q: May I attend without testing or pursuing certification?

A: Absolutely. You may opt out of the certification and/or any of the tests.

Q: How difficult is the Level 2 Certification?

A: The Level 2 Certification is a tough course with a higher failure rate than our more accessible L1 Certification. The movements in the L2 curriculum require a higher level of skill, and some of them require a higher level of conditioning as well. So, if you want to earn the L2 MCT credential, you should expect to be challenged physically and mentally. While the vast majority of our students experience great improvements in their movement by the end of this course, it is very rare to pass all of the tests without doing your due diligence to prepare beforehand. So, our recommendation after training thousands of students is don’t take your preparation lightly. Remember, our certification team instructors are experienced with helping people of all ages and abilities, and they provide a safe environment for improving your movement skills, regardless of your current ability. Also, our performance standards for the physical tests are adjusted based on age and gender. Furthermore, in rare cases, we provide testing exemptions for students with chronic, debilitating injuries (on a case-by-case basis).

Q: What if I can’t perform some of the movements or fail to pass the testing requirements in order to get certified? Is the training and instruction scalable to my ability level?

A: Yes. Every movement and protocol can be adjusted to meet your individual needs. If you are uncomfortable or unable to perform a certain movement, your instructor will provide an alternative that is more suitable to your ability. You will never be pushed to do anything too hard, unsafe, or that you’re uncomfortable with. Also, in the event that you fail some of the tests during your certification, you will be granted a 6-month grace period to re-test after the event has concluded. We want you to succeed, and we’ll do everything we can to support you.

Q: How long will my new certification be valid?

A: Your new certification will be valid for 2 years from the date that it is processed. This is to ensure all MovNat Certified Trainers knowledge and skills are sharp, that you continue to meet our standards, and are up to date with current editions of educational materials.

Q: Is there a deadline to register for this course?

A: No. You may sign up anytime. However, space is limited and many of our courses sell out, sometimes months in advance.

Please email us at contact@movnat.com with any additional questions you have regarding MovNat Certification.


Additional Info

More Information about the Certification Process.


Pre-Requisites for Certification

Level 2 Certification candidates must be a Level 1 MCT in good standing, and also hold a current CPR/AED certification.


The default language for the Level 2 Course is English. However, some of our Team Instructors are multi-lingual. Also, depending on the local logistics, some courses might have a local MovNat Trainer who could translate some lectures.


  • All participants are required to register for the Level 2 Certification at MovNat.com.
  • Payment plans are available. Please email contact@movnat.com to set one up.
  • Arrangements to pay by check or other method are permissible. Please email us at contact@movnat.com to obtain specific details.
  • We are unable to accommodate refunds. However, transfers are available, subject to limitations. See below for more information.

What are the Terms and Conditions of a MovNat Course?

MovNat is a US-based company and all our prices are listed in US dollars. All our sales are final (workshops, certifications, retreats, etc.).


MovNat does not accommodate refunds for event registrations (i.e. Workshops, Certifications, Retreats, Specialty Events, etc.).

There are no exceptions to this refund policy.


If you are a registered participant for an upcoming MovNat event, you may transfer your registration to another similar event, at no charge, if the request is made at least 7 days in advance. You may also transfer your registration to another person, if you prefer.

If there are unforeseen, extenuating circumstances (e.g. sickness, family emergency, etc.), you may transfer your registration to another similar event, if the request is made at least 24 hours prior to the event’s start date. There is a $50 processing fee associated with last minute transfers.

Cancellation Policy

We reserve the right to cancel any MovNat event at our sole discretion. If we must cancel an event, you will receive either a full refund or the option to transfer to another similar event. We will make every effort to notify you of any cancellations at least 2 weeks prior to your event’s date, unless there is an unexpected disaster/calamity, which renders our event and the surrounding environment hazardous to any participants. If you must book travel and accommodations prior to this, we highly recommend you purchase travel insurance.

Note: For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions.


  • Both “MovNat” and “Natural Movement” are USPTO registered trademarks. MovNat LLC owns the exclusive right of use in commerce of both trademarks. The use in commerce of both the MovNat and Natural Movement trademarks by MovNat Certified Trainers is subject to specific limitations (see below).
  • For information regarding becoming a MovNat/Natural Movement licensed facility, please click here.


  • List your trainer certification on personal business materials, as follows: your name, MovNat Certified Trainer (or MovNat Natural Movement Trainer)
  • Designate that you are a “MovNat Certified Trainer” or “MovNat Natural Movement Trainer” on your website, business cards, and all promotional materials.
  • Use the MovNat Certified Trainer logo which will be available upon completion of the course.
  • Access to the private MCT Facebook Group.
  • Being listed in our MCT locator on movnat.com.
  • (Limited) Right to use the “MovNat / Natural Movement Certified Trainer” title and logo on your business cards, website or printed material.
  • Eligibility to teach Elements Workshops
  • Eligibility for MovNat Licensing (Class, Gym, and Community Service Licenses are available)


MovNat is here to support you in your quest to spread the word about the practice. However, there are a few limitations that are in place to avoid brand confusion and promote the growth of a reputable gym/class licensing program.

  • Use of the MovNat/Natural Movement trademarks and graphics can be used in a business context with permission. Please ask us for guidelines beforehand to ensure optimal and mutually beneficial usage.
  • Linking to MovNat’s content is acceptable, encouraged, and appreciated.
  • Unless you are enrolled in our licensing program, you cannot use the MovNat or Natural Movement trademark and name in your business name, videos, web address, class name, or facility name.
  • Any MovNat videos you develop for your website must be high-quality, professional and approved by MovNat, LLC.


Natural Movement® is for everyone. MovNat endorses the principles of equal opportunity. The MovNat Certification Program is available to all participants regardless of age, race, religion, gender, national origin, veteran status, sexual preference or orientation.

Please contact us at contact@movnat.com with any additional questions you have regarding MovNat Certification.