Combatives Certification – Phoenix, AZ

Combatives Certification – Phoenix, AZ

When: Dec 11 - Dec 12, 2021
Instructor: Vic Verdier


MovNat Combatives: An Accelerated Self Defense Course for Improved Self-Confidence, Empowerment, and Skills You Can Use for a Lifetime

This special event will be taught by Vic Verdier, a MovNat Master Instructor, who has been training elite combat forces most of his life.

The Combatives Specialty Trainer Certification Workshop is a 2-day specialized training designed to provide the MovNat Trainer or fighter with all the tools necessary to teach or apply principles that can be utilized in any kind of self-defense and/or life-threatening situation, regardless of the environment or physical abilities. MovNat Combatives techniques can also be applied in the competitive arena as they increase efficiency in striking and grappling.


“The weekend combatives course in Albuquerque exceeded expectations. Vic delved deeply into the psychology of violence and showed simple, brutal strategies to end an attack and escape. This is MovNat, so there was nothing extraneous, nothing inefficient, nothing showy or flashy, just stuff that works and drills to simulate real-life encounters. Have you ever done BJJ in a car? Or in a parking lot next to a curb? Do you know how to manage distance in a fight? Have you ever put those traditional martial arts knife defense techniques to the test against a non-compliant and dedicated attacker? You might have to, and if you’ve taken MovNat’s combatives course you will be better prepared if you do. Vic didn’t make any promises about turning anyone into a world-class fighter, but he delivers a curriculum on the fundamentals of human combat that every capable human should know. This course isn’t to craft UFC champions, it’s to make capable human beings, and from my years of martial arts experience and knowledge of biomechanics and physiology I can tell you MovNat chose the right bits to include.” – Cole Thornton, PT, DPT


“With Combatives, Vic distills a lifetime of learning and training into what actually works in real life scenarios and what can be easily trained – and remembered – in an emergency situation. A cool arm bar or big roundhouse kick might look cool in a movie, but might not be practical in real-life. It has to be simple & effective enough that even your grandmother could learn it, remember it, and do it, if necessary…Overall, I felt the experience was really empowering and I wished more women would come out and take it. I think it’s a great foundation for women to use to learn awareness and how to protect themselves…Yes, it might stretch you a bit, but it will be in a good way – and a pretty practical one!” – Dr. Christa Whiteman (click here to read more of Christa’s thoughts about MovNat Combatives)

“MovNat Combatives was expertly instructed, eminently practical, and a ton of fun. There was zero fluff, and nothing triggered the bull-crap meter. It was raw and real and I think experiencing it will help prepare you for violence – even with only two days of training. If you want a deep introduction to the realities of violence and how to prepare for them, I don’t think you can do much better than this. You’ll get a well-grounded perspective of your current self defense capabilities and go home with a working knowledge of how to avoid and overcome violence. Not to mention dozens of drills you can practice to improve your skills and conditioning for years to come.” – John Sifferman (click here to read John’s complete review of MovNat Combatives)

“This weekend I had the opportunity to get certified in MovNat Combatives at Point Gym & Kitchen! I can honestly say that this cert has taught me some of the most valuable and potentially life-saving skills I’ve ever learned. While pretty intense at times, all the training was incredibly necessary. This cert is was not just self-defense, because we covered situations in which we may need to attack as well as defend. We learned skills from communicating “stop” and “stay back” and simply not being a target, to getting out of choke holds, escaping weaponized threats, multiple attacker situations, and fighting from on the ground! It was such a great experience…I would highly recommend everyone take some kind of real-life self defense course, if not this Combatives course, especially women. Thanks to Vic for being an excellent instructor and ridiculously badass.” – Diana Matula

“My hope is that I never need to put the MovNat combatives techniques to real-world use. However, just knowing the principles gives me the confidence and situational awareness such that it’s less likely that I ever will need to use them. Vic helped me hone my street smarts and taught me to balance my instinctual response with essential self-defense techniques. Bring it on!” – Charlie Deist

“The MovNat Combatives program gave me a sense of empowerment…The self-confidence of knowing I can take care of myself helps me walk a little taller. I’m not afraid to try new things with new people, and I’m not afraid of being unable to handle a situation if things go wrong. To believe I’m strong enough. To get out of the victim mentality, and not be afraid to hit first and hit hard when needed. Vic kept telling me I’m stronger than I think I am.  That’s what I needed, someone to tell me that and show me how, for me to believe it…Vic is an amazing coach. He is so tough and looks like he could maim someone without even blinking, yet he teaches in such a simplified manner, perfect for beginners. He makes even a beginner feel competent and empowered. There was no air of superiority, and not once did I feel like I didn’t belong in this certification… If I can do it, anyone can do it! I’m a tiny 5 foot 2 inch human – not aggressive at all – and I smile way too often.” – Sara Hassan (click here to read more of Sara’s thoughts about MovNat Combatives)

“I highly recommend the MovNat Combatives course to everyone, but especially womxn. It’s the most practical self-defense course I have ever taken.” – Kimberly Alexander

“MovNat Combatives was AWESOME…The course is aimed at self defense and getting away from attackers. Super easy and useful information!” – Melissa Sher

“I really encourage our MovNat women to register for Combatives training it is functional movements set into situation specific circumstances and if you have already trained at Level one or two or even taken a workshop you’re going to be able to use everything that you’ve learned already. Vic is one of the best instructors I’ve ever had the opportunity to learn from and Carlos was present during my cert two years ago and he too, is an excellent instructor. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget, and that’s the whole point… You won’t forget.” – Julie Beck (click here to read more of Julie’s thoughts about MovNat Combatives)

Julie Beck with Carlos Condit

“Unlike martial arts, the MovNat Combatives course is not something that needs to be practiced for many years before you can be competent enough to apply it…Anyone can take this course and receive massive benefit from it, whether it’s mental (situational awareness), physical (movement skills), and/or emotional (self-confidence). Age, gender, and experience is irrelevant.” – Nathan Amado (click here to read more of Nathan’s thoughts about MovNat Combatives)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is the MovNat Combatives course/philosophy different from martial arts?

​Martial Arts have evolved to become ​less in touch with the real-world, and more about tradition, particular styles, or sports-specialized competition. MMA is a return to the original roots of real-life fighting or self-defense, before martial arts became specialized. This being said, MMA is nonetheless a regulated sport that does not fully reflect the reality of the street or “real-world”, precisely because of the specific rules of the sport that take away a number of variables and possibilities. The MovNat Combatives curriculum primarily resets the approach to understanding context, unleashing simple and instinctual physical and behavioral responses devoid of technique or rules, and finally, learning particular techniques similar to MMA to consolidate one’s defensive arsenal.

Q: How does MovNat training prepare me for Combatives?

Generally speaking, good movers make great fighters. Whereas movement abilities are not the only aspect that matters in your ability to defend yourself – situational awareness and raw aggressiveness are actually more important – a better mover learns faster, moves faster, more accurately, more technically, more adaptively. The mental aspect of MovNat practice also supports alertness and responsiveness which are mental qualities essential to defending oneself. A MovNatter is more mindful, knows how to breathe and move in so many diverse ways. That’s definitely a great start and advantage.

​Q: Do I need any experience of training in martial arts before I participate in a MovNat Combatives event?

Absolutely not. Anyone, from complete beginners who have never thrown a punch in their life to seasoned martial artists and MMA athletes can participate. That said, having a martial arts background is of course an extra asset. However, most martial artists will find that some of your training background is relevant, while other aspects will be useless.​

Q: How strong do I need to be? How do I need to train ahead of time to get the most out of it?

The short answer is that you don’t need any training or to have achieved a certain fitness level to participate in a MovNat Combatives event. One of the reasons for this is because a lot of the strength you need in self-defense is mental. Of course, physical strength is also an asset. Plus, the ability to switch from a day to day mindset to an uninhibited, primal defensive mode where significant amounts of otherwise unsuspected strength can be unleashed, that’s one of the primary teachings from this curriculum. ​So, one of the best things you can do to prepare is simply to keep training MovNat, which is inherently diverse and complete. That’s some of the best preparation you can do for this course.

Q: Will I get hurt? Or, will I have to get hit? In the face? 

All training is done with protection to ensure everyone’s safety. The worst case scenario is that you will get to hit your instructors in the face!​

Q: How much do I really stand to gain from just one weekend of instruction?

MovNat Combatives was designed as a single weekend “immersion” experience to develop a basic level of capability, and will provide you with life-saving principles, methods, and techniques you can use and refine for a lifetime. If you want to be better prepared to protect yourself and your loved ones now, this course will be exactly what you’re looking for.


Saturday: 8am-6pm
Sunday: 8am-6pm
Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to prepare for each day’s activity.


Training gear (shorts, T-shirt, minimal shoes) for indoors and outdoors.
Snacks, fluids, and lunch.


The exact location will be sent to participants 3-4 weeks in advance of the event.


Additional Info

More Information about the Certification Process.


Pre-Requisites for Certification

This course is open to everyone. However, certification candidates must be at least 18 years old, a MovNat Certified Trainer in good standing, and CPR/AED certified.


The default language for MovNat courses is English.

Payment Details

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Cancellation Policy

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