Aquatics Certification – Carlsbad, CA

Aquatics Certification – Carlsbad, CA

When: Jun 26 - Jun 27, 2021
Instructor: Vic Verdier



The MovNat Aquatics Specialty Workshop & Trainer Certification covers the tools, methodology, techniques and variations for MovNat in-water activities to help you become comfortable, confident, and competent in pools, lakes, rivers or oceans.

Seventy-five percent of the earth’s surface is covered with water. With water being the prominent feature of our environment, Aquatics training is a key component of the MovNat curriculum. MovNat is not only about moving safely and efficiently on land, but in water, as well.

The Aquatics Specialty Workshop & Trainer Certification is designed to provide you with all of the necessary tools to learn and teach even the most inexperienced student an array of swimming techniques along with how to navigate unconventional aquatic scenarios safely and efficiently.

Ultimately, Aquatics training is an essential survival skill, but it’s also enjoyable and fun!


Techniques and practices covered include:

  • 6 different strokes adapted to the circumstances and environment
  • free-diving techniques
  • breath-holding optimization
  • rescue techniques for cooperative, non-cooperative, and unconscious persons
  • moving objects in the water, at the surface, underwater and out of the water
  • search and recovery techniques

You’ll also learn practical tips to help you and others become more confident in the water, and how to make training sessions enjoyable regardless of the environment, the temperature, and the logistics.

About the Instructor: This course is taught by MovNat Master Instructor, Vic Verdier, who has more than 20 years of experience teaching and helping people in and around the water as a Free Diving Instructor, Scuba Diving Instructor, Swim Coach, and Lifeguard.


Messages From Our Students

“Remember the guy wearing shoes at the beach? The guy who hated going in the water. That was me most of my life. I always wanted to learn to swim well (and enjoy it), but I knew I needed some help to get there. And at a deeper level, I always feared the water – avoided the water – and I wanted to confront that fear. Now that I’ve attended MovNat Aquatics, I genuinely enjoy the water and actively seek opportunities to get out there. This course was one of the most personally rewarding training experiences I’ve ever gone through – not just at the course itself, but since returning home, too. What a difference two days of quality training can make. I am thrilled with the results and feel like a whole new world of possibilities has opened up to me. If you ever get the chance to attend a MovNat Aquatics event, regardless of your skill or comfort level in the water, I highly recommend that you jump on the opportunity, even if you can barely swim – especially if you can barely swim…like me not too long ago.” – John Sifferman (click here to read John’s complete review of MovNat Aquatics)

“I had shared with Vic that going into the class, I felt that logically I knew how to swim but did not feel confident at all. I literally had fear that we would be treading water out in open space or swimming and I would be exhausted and need to be rescued or at least swim in to shallow water during the class. That never happened thanks to the techniques and efficiency that Vic taught us. This was especially key with the breathing techniques throughout the course. I had 100% faith in what he was teaching even though it made no logical sense to me.  In the end, it worked.  I passed the competencies because of my openness to learn and the efficiencies that Vic taught. I now feel confident in the water for a prolonged period of time.” – Dr. Phil Lombardo


Alex Schenker“I thought I was pretty good at swimming, but I also thought I was pretty good at climbing before I discovered MovNat, and the MovNat Aquatics certification was enlightening to say the least. Now I look at swimming as a more clearly defined set of skills that are each appropriate for different contextual demands. It was certainly the most challenging of the MovNat certifications; swimming in the ocean so much for a few days is tough, and restricting yourself to a particular stroke over a long distance without stopping is not easy. There were a lot of things I was not prepared for, but it just made everything all the more interesting. I highly recommend this course for anyone. Whether you’re a water-baby, or are terrible at swimming, this course will change the way you look at aquatics, and MovNat in general. Don’t wait until you feel confident about passing the certification; If you’re coming out of the course with something to work toward for a few months, it makes a huge difference in how well you will digest the content of the course. In my opinion, you are getting your money’s worth and then some if you are lucky enough to fail a test. It’s a real win-win in that respect, so if your lack of aquatic confidence still has you on the fence, now’s the best time to hop over!” -Alex Schenker

“This speciality certification is an excellent all-in-one solution if you are interested in moving in water. Aquatics is taught by famous Vic Verdier, a former Wreck and Cave Diver. He provides intense information and teaching but also impresses with his broad knowledge and wits. If you are thinking about using water as a place for or expanding your physical competence, real life applicable swimming techniques, breathing, diving, rescuing and/or just want to know how to work out with water, then this is the perfect thing to experience. My personal experience out of this was a completely different view to deal with water. Before, I was swimming crawl in pools. After teaching myself TI-Swimming, I mastered it. Then I introduced diving and got to about 40m. Independent from that I started working with the WH-Methode and was introduced to planed breath work, which I first encountered in MovNat itself. Now, I can integrate it all and much more to working in water with purpose and fun. Just super!” -Bernd Reicheneder

“Several years ago I was very overweight, extremely unfit, and due to a chronic knee injury, unable to do any of the traditional exercises that I thought would help me lose weight. My solution was to join a local YMCA that had a pool and swim (and change my eating patterns). Swimming didn’t hurt my knee. So, I could do that. The first time in the pool I swam three halting laps. I was so shaky, I could barely climb out of the pool. But day after day, I swam longer and longer distances. I was soon able to swim half a mile, then a mile, then two…So, I was ok. I initially wanted to sign up for the MovNat Aquatics Certification to learn the cool stuff I saw in the videos. Things like the drown-proofing drills, the breath holding techniques, the water survival skills were the things I chased after. If my swimming got a little better – so be it. I recently returned from a MovNat Aquatics Certification. Allow me to say, no matter what level of swimmer you might be, no matter how comfortable in the water you are, this instruction is for you. The modern definition of fitness often relates to how we look at the beach, or perhaps, how many miles we can run or pounds we can lift in a controlled environment. MovNat has taught me that fitness isn’t what I can do under optimal conditions, but, rather, what I can do under the worst conditions. MovNat aquatics expands the idea of being fit to include the water. If you’ve been thinking about a MovNat workshop or certification, do it. Be strong to be useful.” – John Bates (click here to read John’s full review of MovNat Aquatics)

“I always took it for granted that I “knew how to swim” – until attending the aquatics certification. I hadn’t had such an improvement in my movement capabilities since I learned the efficient running technique. Since attending, I haven’t been able to stay away from the water for more than a day or two.” – Charlie Deist


Requirements for MovNat Aquatics Specialty Trainer Certification:

Anyone may participate in this course, which is accessible to all, regardless of experience. However, in order to be eligible for certification, you must meet the following requirements:

  • To be certified as a Level 1 MovNat Trainer (or higher)
  • To have a CPR/1st Aid/AED certificate (less than 2 years)
  • To pass the MovNat Aquatics test (i.e., rescue scenario, breath holding for 1.5 minutes, teaching assignment, etc.)
  • To be comfortable in the water (i.e., being able to swim at least 300m/yards and tread water for at least 5 minutes)



The exact location will be announced 4 weeks before the event.


Saturday: 8am-6pm
Sunday: 8am-6pm

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to prepare for each day’s activity.


  • Swimming gear (shorts, T-shirt or Rash Guard, swim suit, towel, goggles if necessary).
  • Snacks, fluids, and lunch.

If you want to increase your comfort and capability in the water, sign up for this MovNat Aquatics event today!

Additional Info

More Information about the Certification Process.


Pre-Requisites for Certification

This course is open to everyone. However, certification candidates must be at least 18 years old, a MovNat Certified Trainer in good standing, and CPR/AED certified.


The default language for MovNat courses is English.

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