Friday, September 16th

Real-life testimonial: Nicky Sciolino

Two years ago I started feeling like a slug. I had always been very active, but I was getting sick of going to the gym and doing the same workouts every day.   Other than martial arts a few days a week, I felt like I needed a treadmill or a room full of weight machines to be active.   Everything needed to be planned ahead and I needed to do each exercise for a certain amount of time or reps.   Not to mention my diet was awful. No inspiration, no new thoughts or ideas.   It was the same boring thing every day.

That summer, my brother Rich showed me an interesting article in Men’s Health about a man named Erwan Le Corre and his ideas about natural movement.   I read the article and it made so much sense.   My brother and I started going to a nearby park to practice as much as we could.

Since then, I’ve been to two one-day clinics in Toronto, as well as the multi-day workshops in West Virginia and Thailand.   I could go on to tell you how much better I am at running, balancing, and jumping than I was at my first workshop.   Or how much more efficiently I can climb on top of a bar.   But that is not the point of this post.

I am a completely different person from who I was before I went to my first Movnat workshop.   Through Movnat I’ve improved my diet, I’ve traveled to another continent, and I’ve made friends with people from across the globe.   I’ve learned to enjoy laying in the grass with my eyes closed and to enjoy the natural world around me.   It seems so simple, but I never realized how to enjoy the simple things in life with work and the busy city around me.

Basically, I have a whole new outlook on life.

Nicky climbing trees in Thailand

The one day workshops are full of useful information on the basics of Movnat and how to get started.   It is not a boot camp, but I remember being sore everywhere the next day.   All of the techniques are scalable, so even people who are not physically fit will benefit.   I learned of the Paleo Diet at my first Movnat workshop, and shared a delicious paleo meal hosted by Strengthbox after my second workshop.

The West Virginia Reawakening workshop was an incredible experience.   I met people from all over the US, and Elisabet came all the way from Sweden.   I spent 5 days exchanging
ideas about fitness, diet, and life with wonderful people who shared similar values.   I recall discussions including everything from permaculture to investing and muscle activation.
Richard Nikoley and Barefoot Ted attended the workshop and shared their thoughts as well.   I now have my first pair of Barefoot Ted’s Luna sandals.   I participated in the First Annual NYC Barefoot Run because I learned of it through Maggie Durant.

Summersville Lake was absolutely beautiful.   Erwan and Vic certainly know how to pick locations for the workshops.   We learned new techniques daily, and our treks to the lake allowed us to use our new skills along the way.   The food was delicious and provided me with many new ideas to try at home.   Guacamole, ribs, grilled shrimp with pineapple and veggies. Simply amazing!   I felt very accomplished after the final course on the last day. It’s very liberating to get muddy and scraped up.

I enjoyed my time in West Virginia so much that I couldn’t resist the Thailand workshops.
My brother and I flew to Thailand with the intentions of training Movnat and then spending several days training Muay Thai at a gym down the road from the workshop location.

Freediving courses, scuba diving, and rock climbing opportunities are available if you happen to make it to Thailand someday and have a few extra days to stay. Erwan, Vic, and Clifton were all instructing at the Thailand workshop.   I cannot speak highly enough of them.   They all are excellent teachers.   Their physical capabilities are astounding.   I stared in amazement as Vic swam twenty feet deep underwater while wearing a giant yellow life vest.   I’ll never forget watching Erwan and Vic climbing at least a hundred feet up a cliff on vines using only their hands.

Coconut time for Nicky, Lloyd and Vic

The other participants had so many ideas and stories to share.   Some participants were from the UK, others came from Australia and China.   Lloyd, who lived in China, spoke fluent Thai. He taught me to speak some basic Thai and learn some local customs.   Henry (also known as DJ Oblivion) taught me about chopstick etiquette in China.   I learned something valuable from every participant there.   I learned about parkour from Alex (Australia) and Julie Angel (UK).   I actually met up with Julie in Columbus, Ohio last month for a parkour seminar she told me about while we were in Thailand.

Bottom line: Movnat expands who you are.   I have been exposed to so many new ideas and made so many friends along the way.   Aside from the fitness aspect, I’ve learned the benefits of going barefoot, improved my diet, trained at a Muay Thai gym in Thailand, and have started to live a more minimalist lifestyle.   Movnat has led me across the world and back in search of new ideas and new friends.   It’s been quite a journey, and I’m so fortunate to have been exposed to all of this.

Join the Movnat community because there is so much to gain, and everyone has something to offer.   Thanks to Erwan, Vic, and Clifton for making all of this possible.

Nicky Sciolino