Podcast interview with guest Erwan Le Corre

“In this inspiring interview, we explore with Erwan the nature of practical and adaptive movement that enables truly excelling in health and fitness, as well as an ethics of contributing to the well-being of others (an emphasis on collaboration rather than competition). MovNat brings about a feelings of personal empowerment, confidence, freedom and efficiency. The more mindful we are of the possibilities of our bodies, the less prone we’ll be to “the Zoo human syndrome,” in which people don’t really engage with nature and with natural movement that challenges one’s mind and body. Combined with a paleo eating lifestyle, MovNat ensures an ideal physique, among other fine things. As Erwan wisely noted, “We can’t brush aside millions of years of evolution.” Simply put, natural movement is about being “strong, healthy, happy and free.”

Listen to the interview here.

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  1. John Sifferman says:

    Great interview, Erwan. I’ve been excited about all the exposure MovNat has been getting lately, and I have a feeling things are just getting started. The natural movement Movement has already begun!

  2. Robert W says:

    Hi Erwan,

    Great interview!

    I very much like the emphasis upon embracing Movnat to transform oneself and free oneself from the zoo condition, as opposed to doing fitness (temporarily and in a very compartmentalized manner) to merely lose weight, etc. I also greatly admire the whole philosophy of movement to activate and partner with the body’s natural intelligence.

    As a longtime combatives enthusiast, I found your comments on martial arts training as spot on. I particularly admire the approach of training in martial arts for increasing one’s values, positive attributes, and character compared to merely training physical techniques. The former contributes to creating a complete, quality, useful human being, while the latter may create only a good fighter.


    All good wishes,

    robert in NC (USA)

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