Paradise a la MovNat: Sea, sun and sweat!

What does a soldier from Australia, a real estate agent from France, a writer from Canada or a Personal trainer from the UK have in common?  A nice suntan?  A few bruises?  Some sore muscles?  Some mud and a large smile on their face? Yes, but a lot more than that.

These people, amongst many others, were not adrenaline junkies, lost in a pathetic re-enactment of a US Marines Bootcamp or a Survivor-like Reality Show.  They were some of the participants of the first three MovNat workshops that took place on the island of Koh Lanta, Thailand.

Unlike the MovNat workshops in West Virginia every summer, the mixed-workshops in Thailand are a bit longer, more water-oriented and take full advantage of their location: between sandy beaches and thick jungle.

Paleo meals

For seven days, people from the four corners of the planet came to learn and re-learn how to move naturally, efficiently, and safely; everything the MovNat way is all about.  They swam between the rocky islands of the Adaman Sea, climbed on coconut trees, and threw spears and stones for distance and accuracy.
For seven days, they discovered surprising flavors born from the fusion of Thai cuisine and a Paleo diet. They shared their meals while discussing topics as varied as nutrition, lifestyle and metabolism.
For seven days, they enjoyed a subtle mixture of in-depth instruction, intense physical exertion and well-deserved recovery in their bungalow, and napped in a hammock on the beach.
Everyone has to face their own challenges.  For some of them it’s being able to gracefully balance on bars at various heights. For others it’s lifting heavy logs or swimming under a boat.  For some, it’s even showing enough aggressiveness to violently strike a pad during a self-defense session.

"They were all able to do it with much more
efficiency than they had ever dreamt."

There have been three workshops since the end of December, one conducted in French and two in English. But whatever the language or the culture of the participants, it seems like they all had a keen interest in whistling silly soundtracks from some old and obscure TV series (Hawai Five-O, the Avengers) or re-enacting impressive jumps done by the bionic “Six Million Dollar Man”.  Maybe not the height, but at least the specific noise that goes with them.

On the last morning of every workshop, all the participants met for the final destination: an unforgettable trip deep in the Thai jungle.

For a few hours, fasting since the day before, they pushed their limit while applying all the techniques they learnt during the previous days.  Barefoot and bare-chested, they ran in the jungle and got rid of the various obstacles that their coaches had carefully selected for them, according to their capabilities.  They crawled under fallen trees, climbed on various lianas, jumped over a small river and carried heavy stones while balancing on a log in front of a forgotten waterfall.  In the French-speaking workshop, they even had to repeat this gruesome experience to please the journalist and photographer from Paris-match, a famous weekly magazine in France.  It’s tough work to become famous!  But they were all able to do it with much more efficiency than they had ever dreamt.

And as usual in any good story, it all ended around a copious meal, drinking green coconut water and talking about puzzling topics like sunburn, proper barefoot running techniques, omega-3 fatty acids and Thai boxing.

Vic Verdier
MovNat Coach – Thailand

Watch the video of our French speaking course. English speaking version coming soon!

Our next courses in Thailand (coaching by Vic)

Mar 02 – 09
Apr 06 – 13
May 02 – 09

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  1. Anthony Landreth says:

    Vic is an awesome coach–patient, experienced, and knowledgeable! And Koh Lanta looks like a wonderful place to train with him.

    Side note to whoever maintains the blog: the blog’s spam filter looks like it will block any comment that is brief, whether it’s spam or not. What’s wrong a short complementary comment?

  2. Stefan Pavlovic says:

    How old people can join this events?Do they have to be over 18?And if they have can 16-17 years old kid join with approve of parents?


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