Training Natural Movement: Why We Practice Indoors First

By Seth Budai, MovNat Team Instructor Imagine walking into a space that looks like any other gym or fitness facility from the outside. Except, when you walk through the door you’ve entered a whole new reality with a whole new set of rules. Rather than walking upright, grown men and women crawl ... Read more ›

Clint’s MovNat Success Story

By Clint Bauer My story of MovNat is not a heroic tale, albeit a life changing one for myself and others. And for that, I am grateful. I was first introduced to MovNat during my Triathlon phase back when it first hit the internet, as a member in an online forum site talking about ... Read more ›

No More Pushover Mom! Thoughts on MovNat Combatives

By Michaux Shaffer, Level 1 MovNat Certified Trainer & Mom of Four Growing up in the South, I learned what matters most...being gentle and polite. Mind your manners, don’t offend anyone, and always remember to smile. Even my four children will tell you I am a pushover. As a woman, I am ... Read more ›

Top 10 Natural Movements for Fitness Gains

By Jerome Rattoni, MovNat Master Instructor Note: All natural movements improve your fitness as a result of practice, but certain movements provide greater fitness benefits than others. And today, MovNat Master Instructor, Jerome Rattoni, who has made a tremendous fitness transformation of his own, is sharing ten of the best "bang for your buck" ... Read more ›

New E-Course: MovNat Level 1 Fundamentals

Update: Our new e-course, MovNat Level 1 Fundamentals, is now available! If there's one thing we've learned from training thousands of students over the years, it's the importance of starting your journey with the fundamentals of Natural Movement (and returning to them often). With that in mind, we are pleased to ... Read more ›

6 Natural Movement Benchmarks for Beginners

By Danny Clark, MovNat Performance Director When you first start any practice, it's often helpful to have a target; a goal to aspire toward to help drive progress. That’s why I’ve created six Natural Movement benchmarks for beginners. If your body is already in decent condition, give them a try and see how you ... Read more ›

MovNat Level 3 Certification: Highlights From Vienna

As you've likely experienced, the more you give to Natural Movement, the more it gives back to you. Students who have spent years devoted to the practice understand how life-changing it can be - and well beyond the improved movement skills & fitness along with the physical transformation that comes with them ... Read more ›

4 Important Lessons Learned From The MovNat Journey

By John Sifferman We asked our MovNat Team Instructors: What is the most important lesson you've learned during your MovNat journey? Here's what they had to say. Danny Clark – MovNat Performance Director & Master Instructor In a word: Freedom! For me, MovNat broke the invisible ... Read more ›

Is MovNat too simple?

By Danny Clark, MovNat Performance Director One of the biggest barriers to the spread of MovNat is the protest that if something is “natural” we shouldn’t need to learn how to do it. Why should do we need to learn how to sit, walk, balance, and jump when we already did (or do) ... Read more ›

The Great Fitness Predicament and a Solution That Actually Works

This time of year, many people pursue better health and fitness and fall short because they're going about it in an unsustainable or short-sighted way. Here at MovNat, we believe fitness doesn't have to be a struggle. In fact, by simply focusing on improving your movement skills, you'll get more fit in the process. That's the ... Read more ›

Make Your Resolution a Relationship

By Erwan Le Corre, MovNat Founder To be physically healthy and capable is like being in a relationship. You don't love a person by just making a single grandiose love declaration with a letter, a magnificent bouquet of flowers and a special gift - and then no effort after that. Right? For a ... Read more ›

Movement Preparation for a Natural Movement Session

By Eric Brown, MovNat Master Trainer, Team Instructor, and former Navy SEAL Yes, ideally you should be able to take action at a moment’s notice. And in a real-world scenario, you probably can. But there’s a difference between a real-world incident and a planned practice. And this is where you should look to ... Read more ›

5 Natural Movements for Strength and Power

By Danny Clark, MovNat Performance Director & Master Instructor It’s a common question for men new to MovNat: “Can I gain or at least maintain my muscle mass?” The answer: Yes, and you can become twice as powerful. Acquiring strength and muscle mass is really simple. If you're looking for pure strength, ... Read more ›

Natural Movement VS Functional Movement: What’s the Difference?

By Danny Clark, MovNat Performance Director Two people start a new program aimed at improving their fitness, movement skill, and overall quality of life. One ends up in a gym advertising “functional movement” and the other in a gym that advertises “Natural Movement.” What key similarities and differences will these two people likely ... Read more ›

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