A Doctor Reviews the Practice of Natural Movement Book

By Thomas Berkery, PT, DPT, Level 1 MovNat Certified Trainer Every once in a while you run into a paradigm shift that radically changes the way you think about a subject. The Practice of Natural Movement is one of these paradigm shifts. Simply put, Erwan Le Corre’s The Practice of Natural Movement is among ... Read more ›

7 Natural Movements That Are Just What The Doctor Ordered

Doctors agree: moving naturally does the body good. And some movements do the body a lot of good, which is why many doctors are now recommending Natural Movement to their patients. And it's no wonder why. Simply by making a habit of moving naturally, you're likely to experience fat loss, lean muscle ... Read more ›

5 Natural Movements Superior to Burpees

The Pros and Cons of Burpees & 5 Natural Movements That Are Better Alternatives By Thomas Berkery, Physical Therapist, Level 1 MovNat Certified Trainer Let’s be honest. None of us enjoys doing Burpees. If you have ever been in an exercise class that involved Burpees you’ve learned first-hand why Burpees are loved by trainers ... Read more ›

MovNat at NASA: Become Resilient

Almost ten year later, these insights that were shared at NASA are still way ahead of their time. Any astronaut will tell you that floating around in zero gravity for extended periods of time has serious consequences for the human body. Rapid deterioration of health, and in particular, loss of muscle mass ... Read more ›

Are Natural Movement “Snacks” Better Than Exercise?

Last month, we ran the MovNat Snacks Challenge on our Facebook and Instagram pages, which was a huge success. This idea of "snacking" on movement throughout the day resonated with so many people! So, what is a MovNat or Movement Snack? It's simply fitting some natural movement into your every day life, ... Read more ›

How to Perform The Deep Knee Bend

The Deep Knee Bend is an excellent, endlessly useful movement for balancing technique and stability. The deep knee bend is a very common and convenient position. It is used to rest, observe, pick something up, look for animal tracks, etc. As a movement, it allows an easy and quick transition to ground positions, such ... Read more ›

5 Baby Steps to Help You Crawl While Balancing at Height

By Peri Zourides (L3 MCT) and Jerome Rattoni (MovNat Team Instructor) Crawling and balancing are both fun, practical, Natural Movement skills that deliver a lot of benefits. These movements can be a little intimidating, especially when you combine them. But with a few smart progressions, anyone can work up to high levels ... Read more ›

MovNat: A Road To Recovery

By David Dickinson In 2004, I was deployed on operations with the British Army to southern Iraq. One day, my platoon found ourselves involved in a six-day gun battle with local insurgents. During the night, we suffered a direct, high-explosive strike which wounded three of us, including myself. My friends were peppered head to ... Read more ›

Be a Puma, Not a Kitten: A Review of MovNat Combatives

By Cole Thornton, PT, DPT Combatives and fighting skills are necessary in a complete system of human movement, because they are as essential to survival as running, jumping, climbing, or crawling. Fighting skills were a central part of Hebert’s Natural Method, and I’m glad to see MovNat including combatives as an essential part ... Read more ›

I Thought I Could Swim: Then I Tried MovNat Aquatics (Review)

By Charlie Deist, Level 3 MovNat Certified Trainer I always took it for granted that I "knew how to swim" – until attending the aquatics certification. I haven't had such an improvement in my movement capabilities since I learned the efficient running technique. Since attending, I haven't been able to stay away from ... Read more ›

A Beginner’s Guide to Rolling (From The Ground Up)

By Alex Schenker, Level 3 MovNat Certified Trainer Rolling is a fun, practical movement that unfortunately, many people don't perform efficiently - increasing the risk of injury. But with a few smart progressions and mindful practice, almost anyone can roll safely and efficiently.   You might be wondering: "why should I ... Read more ›

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