Your Body is the Tech You Need

By Erwan Le Corre, MovNat Founder "How long before you realize your body is the technology you need to connect to the most?" Not just when you're scratching where it's itchy. Not just when you're grabbing food because your belly makes funky noises. Not just when your rear and legs ... Read more ›

A Beginner’s Guide to the Back Breakfall Technique

How to Fall Backwards and Engage the Ground Safely (Even on Hard Surfaces) By Alex Schenker, MovNat Master Trainer The breakfall is a fun, practical movement that most people unfortunately ignore. Being able to receive a fall without injury is a vital prerequisite to participating in higher risk activities. It is a form of ... Read more ›

The Single Shoulder Carry Technique

Movement is vital, and the ability to use your body to help another is a primary goal of Natural Movement - to be "Strong to be Helpful." The Single Shoulder Carry technique is an excellent example. The Single Shoulder Carry is quite easy to achieve from a technical standpoint, assuming one has ... Read more ›

7 Natural Movement Progressions To Challenge & Improve Your Balance

By Jerome Rattoni, MovNat Master Instructor Balance is one of those fun Natural Movement skills that can be made both very easy and very difficult by manipulating the skill and conditioning requirements. Whether you're highly-trained or totally untrained, there's an appropriate balance progression to help you build your movement skill, conditioning capacity, and ... Read more ›

Stop Forcing Yourself to Exercise (There’s a Better Way)

By Erwan Le Corre, MovNat Founder Exercising shouldn't be a task, a chore, a punishment, or a coping mechanism. It should be liberating, energizing and empowering. Can you believe it? Can you believe that there's a way that you could never have to force yourself to "exercise" through boring drills that treat ... Read more ›

Meet Jerome Rattoni: MovNat’s Newest Master Instructor

"Master Instructor" is a special credential in our community. It's a rare designation that honors our most dedicated, driven, and experienced Team Instructors (i.e., a teacher of teachers). The criteria for earning this honor is based on the following: Experience teaching as a Team Instructor for MovNat Contributions to ... Read more ›

A Journey Through the MovNat Level 3 Certification

By Munawar Karim, Level 2 MCT With only two weeks to go before Europe’s very first Movnat Level 3 Certification, I was keen to be as ready as possible. A few days earlier, I had dramatically thrown off my shoes at the end of a sports lesson before launching into a barefoot sprint ... Read more ›

Why We’re Discontinuing MovNat 2-Day Workshops

Ten years ago, MovNat founder, Erwan Le Corre, began offering the very first MovNat courses in the USA. These were immersive, week-long retreats to help people learn how to move naturally and experience Natural Movement Fitness in its purest form - deep in the mountains of West Virginia. Erwan presented a brand new ... Read more ›

2019 MovNat Meetup Day – July 13, 2019

If you'd like to connect with other MovNatters in your community for some Natural Movement practice, please join us at one of the following MovNat Meetup events happening all around the world on Saturday, July 13th. Note: This Meetup coinicides with our MovNat Meetup and Back to Basics Challenge, which starts July 8th! ... Read more ›

What to do When Kneeling is Difficult (Move Naturally)

If you're a human in reasonably good health, you should be able to kneel on the ground comfortably and efficiently. Unfortunately, many people struggle with kneeling and experience pain as soon as they move into certain positions. But it doesn't have to be this way. Kneeling can and should be a relatively effortless activity - ... Read more ›

Natural Movement: The Solution to the Modern Lifestyle Predicament

By Erwan Le Corre, MovNat Founder Imagine a workout that involves the natural movements you used to do as a young kid: stepping up, down, forward and through, vaulting, jumping and landing, lying, rolling and crawling, getting up and down, running, balancing, hanging and climbing, lifting and carrying, throwing and catching, etc. Those ... Read more ›

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