Cert Prep

The MovNat Level 1 trainer certification is hands down the greatest way to not only earn the skill of teaching others Natural Movement, but also re-establish your own baseline movement… Read More

Fitness Isn’t Image

By Dr. Christa Whiteman To be fit is to be deeply healthy. However, in the modern era, the ‘fitness’ industry is very aesthetically-oriented, even more painfully so for women. As… Read More

A MovNat Story

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN THE BUSHCRAFT JOURNAL How I got here. How you can too. By Bert Poffé Explorer and Rewilding Coach        As a… Read More

A Movement Story

By Erwan Le Corre I am hanging from a metal rail across the window of my second-floor bedroom, my whole body in the void facing the wall, some forty feet… Read More

A Message from Erwan

By Erwan Le Corre Bonjour! I hope you are having a fantastic summer that is physically dynamic and that involves significantly more movement than the rest of the year. Isn’t… Read More

Message from Erwan

We are bombarded by information. Aren’t we? By Erwan le Corre, MovNat Founder Well, not exactly. We are letting ourselves get bombarded by a diversity of inputs and stimuli so… Read More

MovNat Online Coaching

Introducing MovNat Online Coaching By Danny Clark, Performance Director Since 2008, MovNat has been pioneering the path of reinstating the lineage of natural physical education. Today we’re proud to introduce… Read More


The Best and Worst movement You Can Do by Danny Clark, Performance Director & Master Instructor Quick and Dirty Details: To a varying degree, we are all designed to be… Read More

Connecting The Dots

  EVALUATE YOUR MOVEMENTS PAST AND PRESENT. by Aaron Baulch, NSCA-CPT / MCT Level 2 & Combatives Stepping into my studio each morning I am continually reminded of its simplicity,… Read More

What is MovNat?

WHAT IS MOVNAT? by Erwan Le Corre MovNat is a school of physical competence for the real-world. Our goal is to equip people with the movement skills, physiological preparedness (strength… Read More