Backyard Natural Movement Workout with Dr. Phil Lombardo

What does a Natural Movement workout look like when you have limited time, space, equipment, and no gym to train in? Here's one creative example. This is a Natural Movement workout one of our MovNat Certified Trainers did recently in his back yard. Even though Phil has a couple of well-equipped facilities to ... Read more ›

Why I Shed Tears After The MovNat Workshop

How I Found My "New Body" And Relearned How to Move After a Devastating Accident Left Me Paralyzed Five years ago, Aika Yoshida was thinking about enrolling in the MovNat Certification Program, then she suffered a tragic spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed from the shoulders down. Needless to say, she's had ... Read more ›

Introducing the Revamped MovNat Licensing Program

From its inception, MovNat has offered an alternative to the extreme, over-specialized, conventional approach to fitness. The Natural Movement "movement" that began in 2008 has shown again and again that moving and training the way your body is designed is best. It's proven that a high level of fitness doesn't always equal ... Read more ›

Beyond Technique: The Necessity of Movement Efficiency

How to Use Efficiency To Improve Your Movement Skill, Fitness, and Conditioning by Erwan Le Corre, MovNat Founder Anyone can effectively crawl, walk, run, jump, balance, lift, and carry—to some extent at least. But can everyone perform such movements skillfully? Even if we can effectively do what is natural to us, do we ... Read more ›

Fitness VS Movement: Science Shows Quality Training Matters

Study Shows "Movement-Guided Fitness" Is Superior To Traditional Approaches In Two Important Ways In gyms all across the world, millions of people are unknowingly settling for sub-par fitness results, no matter how hard they work. It's true that traditional fitness training delivers many benefits, but according to a recent study, movement-based training offers even ... Read more ›

MovNat Meet Up Day – July 14, 2018

Announcing The MovNat Summer Meet Up Day! If you'd like to connect with other MovNatters in your community for some Natural Movement practice, please join us at one of the following FREE MovNat Meet Up events happening all around the world on Saturday, July 14th. Albuquerque, New Mexico Event host: Sam Sanders, ... Read more ›

Advanced MovNat Combo Workout for Exploring Your Environment

By Nathan Amado, Level 3 MovNat Certified Trainer How about a challenging Natural Movement workout to help you up your game? Here’s an advanced level MovNat Combo Workout, which will give you some ideas for finding movement opportunities in the environment around you. Instructions: If you'd like to replicate this ... Read more ›

What Muscles Are Actually For

We asked the MovNat community... What does muscle (and its qualities of enabling strength/conditioning/ability/mobility) mean to you? We were blown away as hundreds of you opened up and shared your responses, as part of our #WhatMusclesAre4 Challenge on Instagram. Many shared practical, everyday observations with actionable advice. Others shared much deeper insights ... Read more ›

3 Ways to Improve Your Balance Naturally

 By John Sifferman We asked some of our top MovNat Professionals: What's your single best training tip for improving balance? They sent us some great ideas on how to use your mind, your daily habits, and your environment to improve your balance quickly and efficiently... Stefano Tripney - MovNat Team ... Read more ›

Adaptability: The Missing Link in Fitness

by Erwan Le Corre, MovNat Founder The fundamental reason why animals—including humans—have a brain is so they can perform adaptable movement within complex environments and situations. Not surprisingly, adaptability is a core principle of Natural Movement and its practice. However, this principle is notably missing from the vast majority of modern fitness ... Read more ›

Meet Melissa & Kim: Our Newest MovNat Team Instructors

Allow us to introduce you to Melissa Sher and Kimberly Alexander who are both new MovNat Team Instructors and the owners of one of our Licensed Facilities, Point Gym & Kitchen in Portland, Oregon. Kim and Melissa are both long-time athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and outdoorswomen who discovered MovNat and jumped right in. They ... Read more ›

3 Intermediate Natural Movement Workouts

Want some intermediate-level Natural Movement workouts to increase the challenge in your training? Below, you'll find 3 intermediate-level MovNat workouts that will help you improve your movement skill, fitness, and conditioning. These are meant to serve as examples, and the indications of sets, reps, time, height, distance, weight etc., are ... Read more ›

How to Crawl Very Low to the Ground

How do you crawl underneath a very low object? One way is to use the Push Pull Crawl technique, which is a more efficient version of what some call the "Army crawl." This movement is useful for crawling very low to the ground while minimizing friction and maximizing efficiency. Here's an ... Read more ›

Natural Movement is Universal: Why MovNat is for Everyone

by Erwan Le Corre, MovNat Founder Our phenotype, or the observable characteristics that are physically expressed in an individual (such as stature and eye color) and that are the outcome of both genetic makeup and environmental influences, differs with every person, but we all share a set of similar anatomical and physiognomic ... Read more ›

MovNat For Mobility

8 Week Natural Movement Program For Better Mobility and Capability If you want to improve your mobility by moving naturally, using practical skills that are actually helpful in real life (instead of just as a "warmup" to your workout) - and you want a complete program that will take you by the ... Read more ›

3 Natural Movement Workouts for Beginners

Want some Natural Movement workouts to help you get started? Below, you'll find 3 beginner-level MovNat workouts to get your heart pumping and muscles burning while you’re improving your natural movement skills in an organized workout format. These are meant to serve as examples, and the indications of sets, reps, time, ... Read more ›

5 Ground Movements Most People Struggle With

If you can sit in a chair for hours a day, but you can't perform simple movements on the ground with similar ease, there's a gap in your fitness, movement skills, and capability for real life. Your body, as adaptable as it is, wasn't designed to sit in a chair all day long. It ... Read more ›

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