I Thought I Could Swim: Then I Tried MovNat Aquatics (Review)

By Charlie Deist, Level 3 MovNat Certified Trainer I always took it for granted that I "knew how to swim" – until attending the aquatics certification. I haven't had such an improvement in my movement capabilities since I learned the efficient running technique. Since attending, I haven't been able to stay away from ... Read more ›

A Beginner’s Guide to Rolling (From The Ground Up)

By Alex Schenker, Level 3 MovNat Certified Trainer Rolling is a fun, practical movement that unfortunately, many people don't perform efficiently - increasing the risk of injury. But with a few smart progressions and mindful practice, almost anyone can roll safely and efficiently.   You might be wondering: "why should I ... Read more ›

A Look Inside MovNat Combatives: 5 Students Tell All

What a single mom, a doctor, a university professor, a lifelong martial artist, and a fitness coach learned from their MovNat Combatives experience By John Sifferman If you want an insiders perspective on the MovNat Combatives course, you're in for a real treat. Below, you'll find an up-close-and-personal interview with five people who ... Read more ›

The Side Bent Sit Reverse

The Side Bent Sit Reverse is a basic sit transition that is both practical for everyday life and also packs a lot of fitness benefits.  This movement could not be more practical. You can practice while reading a book, watching TV, or better yet, while being fully mindful about your sensations as you ... Read more ›

MovNat Helped Bring My Body Back

By Andrew Brown In early 2014, I suffered an auto-immune syndrome called Guillain-Barre. The good news is that it's a self-limiting syndrome that does not recur and can be recovered from, but the bad news is that it is often devastating. It wreaked havoc on my nervous system, specifically the motor nerve ... Read more ›

The Cure For Physical Idleness: Follow Your Instincts

by Erwan Le Corre, MovNat Founder Do you remember the very first moment when you started moving? You probably can’t because it was at such an early stage in your life (as a matter of fact, you already moved to some extent in your mother’s womb before you were born). Experts call the ... Read more ›

3 Natural Movements Most People Should Practice Often

 By John Sifferman We asked some of our top MovNat Professionals: What is one Natural Movement that you think most people don't practice enough, but should? And why? Their answers may surprise you... Danny Clark - MovNat Master Instructor Diaphragmatic breathing. Deep, controlled breathing is essential to movement ... Read more ›

12 Natural Movements For Better Hip Mobility

There is a war going on for your ability to move. Every day, the forces of our sedentary culture, the appeal of comfort and convenience, and the temptation to live a compartmentalized life wreak havoc on our body's. The whole person suffers physically, mentally, and spiritually. One of the most common issues that results ... Read more ›

How To Get Ridiculously Strong with Natural Movement

By Danny Clark, MovNat Performance Director and Master Instructor This article is going to teach you how to get absurdly strong.  Way beyond 600 pound deadlift strong. I’m talking about work all day with a smile on your face, indefatigable strong. Climb up anything strong. Easily pick up heavy objects from awkward angles ... Read more ›

Why Natural Movement Is Therapy

Why MovNat in a Physical Therapy Practice? By Dr. Jenny Ploss, PT, DPT, Level 2 MovNat Certified Trainer When you walk into Langford Sports & Physical Therapy, you might notice something different about the exercises. Most of our physical therapists are certified MovNat instructors, and we often use MovNat skills and ... Read more ›

3 Advanced Natural Movement Workouts

Looking for some challenging Natural Movement workouts? Below, you'll find 3 advanced-level MovNat workouts that will help you put your skills to the test and improve your movement competence, fitness, and conditioning. These are meant to serve as examples, and the indications of sets, reps, time, height, distance, weight etc., ... Read more ›

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