From the Ground Up – Part 8 – Lapping Waist Carry

So far we've introduced you to many of the fundamental domains of MovNat®: ground movements, crawling, balancing, lifting, climbing, and jumping. So what's missing? Well, a quite a bit actually. But, of course, we save all the juicy stuff for our workshops and certifications.... --- Lets talk about carrying. You know, the movement pattern that ... Read more ›

From the Ground Up – Part 7 – Swing Up

Still think pull-ups are the most "functional" climbing movement? In MovNat, we develop practical, skillful natural movement patterns: measured in both effectiveness and efficiency. A pull-up, for example, demonstrates upper body strength, but through the MovNat lens we see this drill as merely an isolated component of a variety of climbing techniques. In other words, if your goals include increasing movement skill ... Read more ›

From the Ground Up – Part 6 – Depth Jump

Did you practice the hanging foot pinch from last week? Good :] Then you've probably already done a version of the movement we are going to break down and refine today: the Depth Jump (you had to land on your feet after climbing, right?). But, did you land skillfully? Jumping has a very "youthful" stigma ... Read more ›

From the Ground Up – Part 5 – Hanging Foot Pinch

The time to leave the ground has finally arrived. We've rocked, rolled, crawled, balanced, and lifted on the ground. We've finally earned our stability "wings," so its time to keep progressing. Onward and upward. In this video, we'll be working a total beginner through fundamental climbing progressions. As you'll soon discover, climbing is a ... Read more ›

From the Ground Up – Part 4 – Hip Hinge

In the next part of our "From the Ground Up" video series, we'll be working on a lifting progression. At MovNat®, we're keen on developing and maintaining an equalized natural movement skill set and fitness level...something few humans have in a world that rewards specialization. With that philosophical nugget in mind, it's essential to ... Read more ›

From the Ground Up – Part 3 – Balancing

Balance. It's something we all strive for, yet forget to actually practice. In nature, a "balanced" body and mind aren't luxuries; they're prerequisites. And while balancing may not be the go-to movement for building a trophy "beach body," it's vastly underrated for it's ability to sharpen the function of the whole. We'd argue your proprioceptive, ... Read more ›

From the Ground Up – Part 2 – Crawling

Crawling. Arguably, it's the best all-in-one builder of skillful Natural Movement®.   In order to crawl efficiently you need to have all of the following in check: Upper body strength and stamina. "Core" and scapular stability. Hip and shoulder mobility. Coordination and awareness. Conditioning. But "crawling" isn't just one movement-its ... Read more ›

From the Ground Up – Part 1 – Ground Movements

What is MovNat®/Natural Movement® and what are the benefits? It's a question we get all the time. Mostly likely you already know the spirit of MovNat® is reconnecting to our true nature through movement. But what exactly does a Natural Movement® based fitness system look like and what benefits does it have for the average person who ... Read more ›

Interview with Erwan about Movement in MMA…

Over the past few months, we have seen many UFC fighters adopt a new style of training, movement training. Conor McGregor’s decision to bring movement coach Ido Portal on board raised a lot of eyebrows but McGregor insisted he has never felt better. Carlos Condit has also brought in world renown movement coach Erwan Le ... Read more ›

Performance Benchmarks

By Danny Clark   Evidenced by nearly a million views, Erwan Le Corre captured something special in his iconic Youtube video “The Workout the World Forgot.” Whether it was his rugged display of physical prowess, the beautiful fluidity of his movements, or the video’s overall Thoreauvian spirit of freedom found in ... Read more ›

Mixed Movement Arts: A new era

By Erwan Le Corre Those of you who follow MMA and the UFC have undoubtedly witnessed the unstoppable ascension of featherweight Conor McGregor. His breathtaking, light-speed victory over Jose Aldo last Saturday was nothing short of magic. Naturally, his stunning performance was the result of years of mindful, dedicated movement study and practice. His ... Read more ›

Carlos Condit on MovNat Training

Erwan has been training UFC fighter Carlos Condit the past months. Even elite athletes can work on their movement skills. What Carlos learns applies to us all... watch the video. "I am blown away by the progress I've made since starting my training with Erwan Le Corre. And with that ... Read more ›

Movement Makes You Smarter.

A new study published in the Huffington Post confirms what we have been saying for years - Natural Movement makes you smarter. Rather than a typical gym environment, which promotes cognitive passivity, Natural Movement engages your brain in a complex and stimulating way. In particular it enhances what is known as "working memory." ... Read more ›

The History of Physical Fitness

HISTORY OF FITNESS By Erwan LeCorre. Fitness, as we know it today, seems to be a relatively modern invention – something that started vaguely in the 70s with jogging and Jazzercise. But physical exercise obviously goes back much further than that, to a time where people wouldn’t have thought of it as working out, ... Read more ›

MovNat Performance Programming

by Danny Clark   If the history of computers teaches us anything, MovNat is on the cusp of a quantum leap in popularity. In the classic tech war between IBM and Apple, IBM dominated the market by utilizing an operating system (Windows) that served the people who, at the time, needed it most: ... Read more ›

Mindfulness in Action

By Aaron Baulch, MCT2 I am a MovNat Practitioner and Coach, but I didn't start out that way. My journey began on a yoga mat more than six years ago where I hoped to reverse the tremendously negative physical impact that competitive bodybuilding had placed on me. It is working. I needed something, ... Read more ›

Getting Up, Getting Down

By Erwan Le Corre A recent study has shown that our ability to sit down on the floor and then get back up may be an indicator of how long we're going to live. Middle-aged and elderly people who need to use both hands and knees to get up and down are almost ... Read more ›


Is sitting worse than smoking? While scientific studies are gathering growing evidence of the many adverse health effects of prolonged sitting, let's emphasize the positive aspects of sitting. Indeed, sitting is actually good for you, if you make it so. First off, sitting is a practical movement ability that allows you to take a ... Read more ›

The Roots of “Methode Naturelle”

The MovNat System finds some of its most important roots in "La Methode Naturelle".  But where does "Methode Naturelle" come from? The Internet makes many people believe that everything they need to know about anything is available online in a few clicks, but this is often not the case at all. George Herbert: The ... Read more ›

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