A Movement Story

By Erwan Le Corre I am hanging from a metal rail across the window of my second-floor bedroom, my whole body in the void facing the wall, some forty feet above the ground. Nobody told me, forced me or challenged me to do this. I am totally on my own. I am not following ... Read more ›

A Message from Erwan

By Erwan Le Corre Bonjour! I hope you are having a fantastic summer that is physically dynamic and that involves significantly more movement than the rest of the year. Isn't it what summer is a lot about, not just being outside more but also moving in nature more? This is what Natural ... Read more ›

MovNat At Home: A Case Study

What does MovNat look like at home? Here is one simple, thoughtful solution. By Danny Clark. I've been fortunate enough to hang out with Collin Beggs, a timber framer in his early forties, in his home town (and my former home) of Sandpoint, Idaho for the last week. Collin is a longtime ... Read more ›

Message from Erwan

We are bombarded by information. Aren’t we? By Erwan le Corre, MovNat Founder Well, not exactly. We are letting ourselves get bombarded by a diversity of inputs and stimuli so high that staying mentally “centered” obviously becomes a challenge. Yes, everything around us seems to be screaming for our attention. What do ... Read more ›

MovNat for Obstacle Course Racers

By: Ryan McGowan L2 MovNat Trainer & owner, Laid-back Fitness. Obstacle course races (OCR) have become a staple in the fitness world. Attracting athletes of all ages and abilities, OCR offers an alternative to road races, triathlons, etc. So what’s the best way to prepare for one? Practice MovNat of course!   A ... Read more ›

Watching A Gardener.

So I was out in rural New Mexico taking a walk this weekend. A couple times I happened to pass by this woman doing her gardening. She was somewhere around middle age, and she was doing some serious yard reclamation work. But her movement through the garden was just beautiful. I couldn’t help ... Read more ›

MovNat Online Coaching

Introducing MovNat Online Coaching By Danny Clark, Performance Director Since 2008, MovNat has been pioneering the path of reinstating the lineage of natural physical education. Today we’re proud to introduce our newest outreach: online coaching.   We knew we needed to be more accessible, but we didn’t want to sacrifice the ... Read more ›

MovNat isn’t a Copy

By Bernd Reicheneder, MovNat Team Instructor We all know what MovNat is - what incomparable effects it delivers; how deep it dives into human needs and capacities; how much it can transform you positively inwards and outwards; and even how it transforms the world around the practitioner through effecting his/her awareness of the environment that ... Read more ›


The Best and Worst movement You Can Do by Danny Clark, Performance Director & Master Instructor Quick and Dirty Details: To a varying degree, we are all designed to be able to run efficiently In the absence of the ability to perform basic natural tasks, running is likely ... Read more ›

All About Ground Movement

  THE FOUNDATION FOR ALL MOVEMENTS by Erwan LeCorre, Founder, MovNat Imagine your whole body in a narrow conduit. No, I’m not asking you to visualize your own birth. You are lying on your back in that empty conduit and sixty feet from where you lie is your exit.    ... Read more ›

Connecting The Dots

  EVALUATE YOUR MOVEMENTS PAST AND PRESENT. by Aaron Baulch, NSCA-CPT / MCT Level 2 & Combatives Stepping into my studio each morning I am continually reminded of its simplicity, not quite primitive, but close enough.    ... Read more ›

A Physical Therapist Awakens to MovNat

Mindful Movement through MovNat: One PT’s awakening by Jimmy Minner, PT, DPT, SCS, MCT II "The movements looked so smooth and simple, but as I tried a few of them I realized that they were not easy for my body".   As a physical therapist, movement and fitness are my passion. I am ... Read more ›

Podcast: The Workout The World Forgot

  MovNat Founder Erwan Le Corre and Performance Director Danny Clark talk with the guys at Art of Manliness about MovNat, where it came from, and how it can help you be strong, free, and helpful.     Show Highlights The inspiration behind MovNat Georges Herbert and ... Read more ›

The Secret Science of Skillful Movement

Why MovNat is the modern day solution for movement dysfunction By Danny Clark, Performance Director Today, we are going to explore some of the “why” questions that underline MovNat as the solution to the modern movement problem. With brevity, we’ll explore some of the elusive, yet hard hitting science that exposes the gaping ... Read more ›

What is MovNat?

WHAT IS MOVNAT? by Erwan Le Corre MovNat is a school of physical competence for the real-world. Our goal is to equip people with the movement skills, physiological preparedness (strength & conditioning), and mindset necessary for practical, adaptable performance - both fundamental and high level. As a physical education system and fitness method, ... Read more ›

From the Ground Up – Part 12 – Balancing Progressions

In the last video of our "From the Ground Up" series, we expand upon strategies for improving the skill of balancing. By understanding the concept of VIC, you'll be able to plan intelligently for progress in any pattern and move better than you thought possible - all thanks to your body's innate ability to ... Read more ›

From the Ground Up – Part 11 – Depth Jump

In Video 6, we learned how to land properly into a depth jump. But once baseline competence is displayed in jumping techniques, what's next? At MovNat, we don't believe any movement skills can be truly mastered without progressing toward complex, real world environments. In this video, we show you how to use training variables - what ... Read more ›

From the Ground Up – Part 10 – Tripod Vault

The Natural Movement found in Video 10 of "From the Ground Up" is one that will change your perception of the world. In our modern lives, a set of stairs are probably the most daunting obstacle we're likely to encounter. Our paths are engineered for low resistance so we can focus on getting to and ... Read more ›

From the Ground Up – Part 9 – Balancing Reverse

In part 3 of "From the Ground Up" we went over reclaiming the skill of balance in an approachable, progressive method. Today, we're going to challenge your balance by adding another practical skill: reversing. Reversing is the ability to turn around while balancing on an object. In this video, we'll walk you through ... Read more ›

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