One-day Workshops Recap

Charlotte, NC, Washington DC, San Diego, CA, San Francisco, CA, Colorado Springs, CO, Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, and Washington DC again…Wow!  I’ve been all over the US and met a lot of awesome people. Four of the last eight clinics were sold out, and 5 of the next 8 are already sold out as well.  The workshops have seen our participants adapt and move through a variety of parks and weather challenges.  In Charlotte, Washington DC #2 as well as in Portland, we got wet and muddy due to rainy conditions.  In Colorado Springs and Washington DC we braved sub 40 degree
weather.  In my home town of San Diego, we put on sunscreen and I stopped taking for granted how great the weather is in southern California!

We’ve had some great accomplishments and breakthroughs in the workshops this spring.  We’ve had ladies who’ve learned how to land safely when jumping and stepping down after years of being too timid and to do so, and men who have reached higher targets than they ever have.  Many people were trying barefoot running for the first time, and  – thanks to learning proper technique – picking it up quickly and unsurprisingly enjoying it tremendously.

In Washington DC#2 we had all fourteen participants succeed in getting onto of a horizontal bar using the MovNat leg swing technique! That is awesome!
These workshops help to shine a light on many areas of movement capabilities that we didn’t realize we were so unprepared for.  I’m excited with the amount of people who have written and told me that they have been practicing and improving in the skills that they learned at the workshop.

Really cool is that people are getting together in cities and practicing MovNat together!  We just recently created a MovNat Alumni group on facebook*.  This is going to be a great tool for you all to share ideas, get feedback, meet each other, and potentially find a partner-or more-to go practice and play together.

Thank you to all of the participants that have come out to the one day workshops this spring, you’ve made the crazy travels very enjoyable.  Extra thanks to the people emailing and offering to help set up, provide equipment, and to Pikes’s Peak CrossFit especially for lettings use your facility during the Colorado workshop so we didn’t freeze!
Also thank you, so much, to the people who have been such gracious hosts to have me in your houses, keeping me warm, providing good company and discussion, and out of the hotels during my visits.

We will shortly announce our fall one day workshop schedule.  For those one-day workshops, and for the 5-day summer workshops, be sure to book your spots early, to take advantage of the early discounted rate and because our events frequently sell out!  Don’t miss out on the unique experience if we are showing up near you.

Clifton Harski
MovNat Instructor

*If you’re one of them, please befriend Erwan on Facebook.

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