New MovNat Video: Be True to Your Nature

Many people have emailed me asking to see more of my training in nature, so here’s a newly edited video, using elements that were filmed on the island of Corsica just a year ago (thanks Tim Kahn for his great filming and editing talent).

I feel it is important to remind everyone that even though the practice of MovNat should include free, exploratory sessions in nature consisting of purely random and adaptive natural human movement and spontaneous action, MovNat is above all a training method which involves principles, techniques and programming.

The MovNat Training System® that is MovNat is fully scalable and enables practitioners to make faster, broader and safer progress in the practice of natural human movement.

To optimize practice and for coaching efficiency reasons, i.e offering a broad range of training variety in a limited space and shortening the learning curve while ensuring full scalability and injury-prevention, it is essential to practice in a custom-built facility first.  It is especially true for beginners, people that are out of shape, that risk to injure themselves or would be intimidated starting from scratch on their own, to optimally supervise group training, for people that don’t have easy access to outdoors, people that live in areas where the winter is particularly tough, for people that understand that what may feel “natural” is not necessarily efficient or optimal, and simply for all people that lack time and need to optimize the time which they can dedicate to training.

A MovNat training facility can be indoors or outdoors or mix both indoors and outdoors and provides ideal conditions to get started with the assistance of competent coaching.

So again, this new video does not explain anything about the training/coaching method, it is designed to display natural human movement training in nature, i.e the most adaptive form of MovNat, and finally to be inspirational.

I hope you will enjoy it!

Erwan Le Corre

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  1. Michael Krone says:

    Congratulations on all of your success so far and finding a home in Boulder for Movnat! The video is great, and Corsica looks absolutely incredible, I would love to see it in person someday. I’ve been practicing Movnat (or perhaps my own slight variation because I am minus the swimming aspect) for 3-4 months now and am really enjoying it!! Illinois has some great state parks that I really like, but your videos make Corsica look far better (and warmer… I do prefer exercising outdoors when it’s warm rather than cold ;). I hope that you have found an equally suiting environment in Colorado (I’m sure you have) and I wish you all the best success with the future of Movnat. Thank you for the website, the videos (I really do find inspiration in them on days that I don’t feel I can fit in a session) and for bringing your ideas and passion to light for all of us! I will be practicing Movnat for years to come and hopefully within the next few years I can make a trip to Boulder (a place I’ve always wanted to see for myself anyways) so thank you again, and good luck!!

  2. Jeremie says:

    Your method amazes me and is something I really relate to. What kind of diet do you advocate for optimal performance in movnat?

  3. Erwan Le Corre says:

    Hi Michael, thanks for the good vibes and positive feedback! Corsica is a truly beautiful island. Its nickname is actually “the island of Beauty”.

    Jeremie, I don’t like the word diet too much, means if you eat natural things, eat natural, then why call it a diet, it is simply what you’re supposed to eat. Also because even though movement and food at closely related when it comes to health, I do not eat a particular way so I can improve my movement, I just eat a particular way so I feel good and stay healthy (and move a particular way for the same reasons and also for the practical skills I can develop or maintain).
    Now, in short, you want to look into the Paleo diet or also have a look to Weston Price.

  4. Michael Krone says:

    Hey I was also wondering, did you ever shoot any similar footage when you were in brazil? I don’t know how long you were there for and I know you have other priorities, but that would be pretty cool to see as well! (Can’t help it, I’m a sucker for beautiful scenery, and you happen to have been to some amazing places) Just wondering. Looking forward to whatever comes next for Movnat!!

  5. Ryan Bushfield says:

    Hello Erwan,

    That is a great video! I am so excited about MovNat’s Colorado head quarters. I can not wait until your first certification. I have felt all the training I have done, certifications I have, and all the seminars I have gone to, and I still feel like I am missing something from making my regimen, for my clients and me, complete. But MovNat has open my eyes to an area of human fitness that is more than complete, but necessary for human survival.

    Thank you for brining MovNat to the U.S. I am looking forward to the certification.


    Ryan Bushfield

  6. Joy says:

    I am so happy to see you know about Weston A. Price. I have known about him for years and following the principles of Weston Price helped me to overcome an auto-immune disease. Of course I followed the advice of my Dr. who put me on that way of eating.

  7. Francesco Caban says:

    Erwan I must say, every time I see the amount of physical knowledge in your body it makes me want to ditch the tennis shoes and apply more barefoot training to my regime. In fact maybe I will. Let’s see if it helps take care of a couple of problems in my legs, slowly of course but we will see, any possible way we can get you out to Arizona?

    Wait a second your in Boulder right? That’s perfect now I have two reasons to come up there.


  8. Juan says:


    It has been a great inspiration for me. During the last weeks I have been training really close to nature and really enjoying myself :)

    Take care,


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