Wednesday, September 30th

New MovNat Video: Be True to Your Nature

Many people have emailed me asking to see more of my training in nature, so here’s a newly edited video, using elements that were filmed on the island of Corsica just a year ago (thanks Tim Kahn for his great filming and editing talent).

I feel it is important to remind everyone that even though the practice of MovNat should include free, exploratory sessions in nature consisting of purely random and adaptive natural human movement and spontaneous action, MovNat is above all a training method which involves principles, techniques and programming.

The MovNat Training System® that is MovNat is fully scalable and enables practitioners to make faster, broader and safer progress in the practice of natural human movement.

To optimize practice and for coaching efficiency reasons, i.e offering a broad range of training variety in a limited space and shortening the learning curve while ensuring full scalability and injury-prevention, it is essential to practice in a custom-built facility first.  It is especially true for beginners, people that are out of shape, that risk to injure themselves or would be intimidated starting from scratch on their own, to optimally supervise group training, for people that don’t have easy access to outdoors, people that live in areas where the winter is particularly tough, for people that understand that what may feel “natural” is not necessarily efficient or optimal, and simply for all people that lack time and need to optimize the time which they can dedicate to training.

A MovNat training facility can be indoors or outdoors or mix both indoors and outdoors and provides ideal conditions to get started with the assistance of competent coaching.

So again, this new video does not explain anything about the training/coaching method, it is designed to display natural human movement training in nature, i.e the most adaptive form of MovNat, and finally to be inspirational.

I hope you will enjoy it!

Erwan Le Corre