By Dr. Jon Morey, Level 3 MCT

Quality movement—movement that promotes revitalization and restoration—is essential for fitness, health and maintenance of an active lifestyle. However, the faddish exercise routines popularized by YouTube warriors hardly constitute quality movement. The fatter society gets, it seems the more insane the workouts become.

There are “Boot Camps” that mimic military physical training methods and high-intensity interval training groups that have transmogrified into cults for the truly fanatical. Of course, these extreme programs have issues: injury rates (high), the burnout rates (high), and the simple fact that only a small subset of a subset of the population has the ability or the inclination to participate in them, i.e. the young, athletic and aggressive.

What about the rest of the population? Especially the 50+ crowd? Only a fraction of the 20 somethings participate in the extreme workout crazes, and then only for a limited amount of time. Even fewer of the middle-aged will consider a plan that includes an early morning session of 100 burpees, a two-mile run, and a few rounds of Olympic lifting—all executed as quickly as possible.

Most people who have reached the half-century mark simply want to get through the day without adding any more aches and pains. Heck, the professional lives of most middle-aged adults is exhausting enough!

What the middle-aged fitness crowd wants is a routine that leaves an individual revitalized and refreshed—quality movement. A discipline that can be shoehorned into a hectic schedule of work and family and can be practiced with little equipment cost.

Large muscles and chiseled physiques are the stuff of envy for most middle-aged people, throwbacks to an earlier, simpler time in their lives. However, in middle age, workouts must serve a practical purpose.

Instead of a beach body, getting up from the floor without pain would be nice. Being able to hike and play with the kids and grandkids without having to consider a three-day recovery period would be awesome. Being able to take care of one’s self and elderly parents would be even better. And ultimately, we all transition from being young to middle-aged and finally, to senior citizens. What investment we make in healthy physical fitness training earlier in our lives will pay huge dividends in our golden years.

Is there a system that meets these daunting requirements? Yes, there is, and it’s called Movnat.

Movnat is a system of physical education and real-world fitness that is perfect for everyone—especially the over 50 crowd. The method embraces adaptability and scalability in such a way that every age group can increase fitness without burning out or risk being carted to the emergency room.

The genius of Erwan Le Corre, the creator of Movnat, is that he designed his system to focus on the natural pace of the practitioner. Movnat’s emphasis on natural movements means the older Movnatter already knows the basics of how to execute all the actions involved, such as walking, climbing, crawling and jumping, and instead, they can focus on improving their movement efficiency and getting in shape rather than mastering new, unusual movements with no real-world application.

Can the Olympic barbell snatch be useful to a 68-year old? The answer is no. Will the 68-year old be able to hike with his grandchildren or shovel snow without overburdening his heart, muscles and joints? With Movnat training, the answer is yes.

Movnat may not be as “sexy” as the latest fitness/torture fad, but it is effective for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As we age, “sexy” undergoes a metamorphosis. Beach bodies and bulging muscles worked for the twenties and thirties, but as the years pile up, simply being mobile and self-reliant becomes the real prize.

Movnat training is the best system to achieve a pain-free, active older age. It’s never too late to start investing in your mobility health.

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About the Author

Dr. Jon D. Morey is a licensed Chiropractic Physician, Level 3 MovNat Certified Trainer, 5th degree black belt, and a Biology professor at the University of Michigan Flint. Dr. Morey currently practices Chiropractic medicine and teaches MovNat at his clinic, Great Lakes Chiropractic and Movement Center, located in Flint, Michigan. In addition, he also teaches premedical and biology classes at the University of Michigan, Hurley Hospital, and at several local high schools.



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  1. Nancy Nesyto-Freske

    I did a MovNat weekend workshop in February. I’m very interested in the 50+ certification, however I’m unable to make these dates as I’ll be with my daughter as she has her first baby. Would love it if you would hold one in MI!

  2. Claudia Blamer Cameron

    Is Great Lakes Center for Regenerative Medicine, related to your practice? I’m guessing that is stem cell injection? (Saw an ad for seminar at Hampton Inn taking place May 7, for neuropathy, wondering if out works for arthritis in shoulders knees, …, of a 67 year old.


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