Friday, April 26th

MovNation Podcast Powered by MovNat Episode 6

“Gray Cook” (1:15:57)

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This episode of the MovNation Podcast is sponsored by Exploring Functional Movement, the recently released DVD from Functional Movement Systems where Gray Cook of Functional Movement Systems and Erwan Le Corre of MovNat deliver innovative content that reinforces both the FMS and MovNat principles. These principles are based on the science that exists within natural authentic movements used every day in activity and exercise. This DVD is available for download now at FunctionalMovement.com and get 20% off the download version if you enter promo code EFM20. This offer is good through May 3 so take advantage of this great offer now. The new Exploring Functional Movement DVD download – 20% off at FunctionalMovement.com. Use promo code EFM20.


1. [06:41] Can MovNat help me to become more flexible in my wrists and fingers?

2. [14:42] Are there some movements that certain individuals cannot perform due to anatomy?

3. [23:01] Any other self limiting techniques similar to squatting with a stick on the shoulder that can be done with MovNat?