Friday, February 8th

MovNation Podcast Powered by MovNat Episode 4

“Keith Norris from Paleo f(x)” (54:16)

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00:00 Welcome Keith Norris
01:17 What is Paleo f(x)?
02:53 Scott – Indigenous People
07:49 Aaron – Lapping Technique
14:55 Why go to a Paleo f(x) event?
18:25 Matt – American Ninja Warrior & Upper Body Strength
27:16 Zeek – Rehab
33:17 David – Elbow Swing-Up
44:26 This year vs. Last year in Paleo f(x)


Question 1 from Scott H.- Sandpoint Idaho

I’m very motivated by the things I have been learning from you through the resources I have right now and am looking into expanding those resources to learn even more, so thank you. My question is have you had any opportunity to meet any indigenous people and been pleasantly surprised by their ability to do the things that you are teaching to us zoo humans because of their never having lost the skills in their culture? Just talk about the subject of indigenous people’s life style and how it fits with your philosophy, I would like to hear your point of view.
Question 2 from Aaron – Melbourne, Australia

Hi Erwan and crew. Been loving the weekly combos on the blog! I wanted to ask you about the lapping technique in one of your combos. When is the appropriate circumstance or situation to use this technique?
Question 3 from Matt – Denver, CO

Greetings Erwan,

I am training to compete on the TV show American Ninja Warrior if they hold the event this year. basically it is spin off of a Japanese show where contestants compete on a four-stage obstacle course that is billed as the most difficult course in the world.

I think MovNat will be a great aid in my training for this event but I do have a question. On certain obstacles on the second and third stage that require upper body strength, such as the pipe slider and the cliff hanger, all of the contestants hang with bent elbows. Do you believe that is the most efficient way to perform these obstacles or should the obstacles be tackled like the swings we did in the one day course?
And I know how you like the sneaked in additional questions so here is mine. Am I going to see you there if they have tryouts?

Keep up the great work, Matt
Question 4 from Zeek – TX

Thank you for your podcasts, you have a dedicated following. My question is how to adapt MovNat for rehabbing from chronic injuries accumulating over time from a zoo human lifestyle and fitness program. Should I make any modifications or do the movements and skills and they will automatically rehab the injuries?
Question 5 from David – England

Hi Erwan – Since attending a MovNat workshop in London 12 months ago I have completely changed my outlook on exercise and movement – now my favorite movement skill is climbing trees and I get out into the woods as often as I can! I have a specific question about the ‘elbow swing-up': I find this easy and efficient on narrow branches or bars, but really struggle with thick branches over about one foot diameter. Any tips? Do I need to work more on the swing up, or is there a more efficient technique? Thanks for all the amazing work!