MovNation Podcast Powered by MovNat Episode 2

“Robb Wolf” (1:07:43)

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(0:00) Welcome Robb Wolf!
(1:53) MovNat Diet
(6:02) Sets, Reps and Rest
(15:25) MovNat and Strength Training
(23:56) Biking with MovNat
(25:08) MovNat for Personal Trainers
(29:52) Is MovNat a Fitness Program?
(38:05) MovNat Levels and MovNat Blackbelts?
(45:26) Workout Rcovery
(50:11) Elite Fitness Versus Health and Wellbeing
(58:26) Individual Self-Study MovNat Training

Question 1: Curt on the Continent of Africa: “What is the optimal MovNat Diet? Paleo?”

Question 2: Ziggy from Kassel, Germany: “Which set, rep, rest scheme do you recommend in the emphasis of a workout generally and especially if you want to learn a new movement? What are the MovNat points of view of sets, reps and resting between the sets if you want to develop strength, power, explosiveness or speed? And on the other hand, what about muscular endurance and balancing?

Question 3: Jason from Manchester, UK: “Do you need extra strength training with MovNat? And, what about biking a couple of times a week? Also, your certification is a hands-on approach. With this in mind, would you recommend the MovNat cert as a starting point for becoming a personal trainer?”

Question 4: Chyette from Phoenix, Arizona: “I currently do Crossfit and my physical ability is much better to do the things I enjoy like mountain biking, snow boarding, etc. I am starting to learn more about MovNat and plan to go to one of your certs, but if I dive into MovNat 100%, should I continue my regular fitness program?”

Question 5: Obray from Santa Barbara CA: “Do you have any plans on defining competence levels similar to Dave Werner’s Athletic Skill Levels, or belts as in a traditional martial arts system?”

Question 6: Ziggy from Kassel, Germany: “What possibilities do you recommend for better recovery between the MovNat sessions?”

Question 7: Peter from Auckland, New Zealand: “I know you have addressed this before, but what are your thoughts on how MovNat compares to not only Crossfit but also other exercise choices that seem to emphasize elite fitness over health and wellbeing? And, at what point does an exercise system actually become ‘too much’ and ultimately lead to negative outcomes? Are people forsaking wellness in search of fitness?”

Question 8: Joe from Long Island, NY: “Is it a good idea to follow the online videos without having experienced a course? Obviously face to face training would be ideal but it is not always possible to travel two hours to the nearest course being married with young children and a job. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of a local course or some other official method of practicing at home like a DVD or book. So, until then I have been checking out the combos posted on and a few other MovNat Partners & Affiliates websites. I just wan assurance that I am heading down the right path.”

5 replies
  1. Kyle says:

    Excellent second podcast. I was really pleased to see Robb Wolf as a guest. I just wanted to add something to the question posed by Jason from the UK in regards to supplemental strength training. MovNat includes functional, compound lifts such as the squat, the deadlift, the clean, the jerk, and the push press. These lifts are crucial for building strength and power so you’re probably not going to need to do any supplemental lifting on the side. Cheers.

  2. alex says:

    Great podcast. Robwollf and Erwan together is a wish. high level of knowlegde. Sorry , my english is not very good. Good job guys;)

  3. Paul says:

    Great Podcast! Subject matter was right on.
    I particularly liked the questions on Sets, Reps and Rest, MovNat Levels and MovNat Blackbelts?, and Elite Fitness Versus Health and Wellbeing.

    I thought the final question would have a been a perfect time to plug the series being posted on right now, though I’m sure most people listening to the podcast are already aware of it.

    It’s been great to practice the simple movements. I’ve been able to do it all with a leftover piece of laminate flooring, and a bungee cord pulled between two chairs.
    That being said, I was pumped to hear about the video series coming in 2013!

  4. Ian says:

    I agree 100%, or maybe more, about the ability to see video demonstrations of the movements. I attended a two-day workshop recently, and in that intense packed two days it’s tough to remember everything we were shown. Some of the stuff naturally you remember better, but some of the more complex movements need to be practiced before they become “learned” to a sufficient degree that they can be performed without thinking. I too have been delighted to see the video clips appearing on breakingmuscle, but you guys clearly recognise that it’s really just a taster.

    Is the fact of being an alumnus going to make any difference to the subscription to access this material?

    Thanks for the interesting podcasts,


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