Wednesday, November 28th

MovNation Podcast powered by MovNat Episode 1

“The Beginning” (58:46)

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(0:00) Intro to MovNation Podcast powered by MovNat
(3:03) Natural Movement
(5:32) Contest Winner Announced!
(7:25) Special Guest, Jamie Guined
(10:27) Why MovNat?
(14:15) Fitness
(25:43) Methode Naturelle
(30:08) Repetition
(37:51) Shirts and Shoes
(41:35) MovNat in the Cold
(49:40) MovNat Goes Urban

Question 1: Megan from Vermont: “What is your definition of fitness? I just had a conversation/passionate argument with some one on that topic and it blows my mind how some people view fitness. I would love to hear a re-invention of the word! Thanks for all you do!”

Question 2: Josh from Philadelphia: “Hi, I was curious to hear about how Erwan learned about George Herbert’s method and what this method contributed to what MovNat is now. Thanks!”

Question 3: Kristian from Netherlands: “Good afternoon all, I recently heard a theory that, like calfs and fore-arms, your chest is ‘developed’ for high repetition. And thus also react better to repetition instead of for example bench press your bodyweight. What is your opinion on this one?”

Question 4: Aaron from Michigan: “What is your rationale behind not wearing shoes or a shirt while training in a harsh environment and/or in harsh conditions?”

Question 5: Alexander from Finland: “Could you give some examples of practicing MovNat in countries like Finland, Sweden, etc when it’s winter outside?”

Question 6: Arturo from California: “Living in the ‘zoo’ means people of working age have limited time and many are also limited to the city they live in. Weekends are often the only opportunity to get out of the urban environment. Is it possible to train MovNat at home during the working week? How much space would you need and what equipment? Will there be something in your upcoming book/DVD about city-based MovNat workouts? I look forward to listening to your podcasts and hopefully being able to meet one of your instructors, or attend a workshop in the coming year. Peace.”