MovNat© Trainer Certification: A Personal Perspective by Founder Erwan Le Corre

I can remember observing the lack of movement and vitality in adults when I was just a 5- year-old boy.

Growing up, I understood instinctively that I would have to keep moving, never stop moving.  Growing up, I witnessed the physical problems and the decline of the people around me.  Even then, I was trying to understand.

“I was trying to understand why some people were happy and others were not; why some people were full of vitality and others were not.”

I was trying to understand how a few individuals were able to age much better than others – how they were able to age healthily,  gracefully and maintain their strength.  I was inspired by those rare people, and I had already decided that my own life would not be a long, slow physical and mental decline, but instead, a quest for physical, mental, and even spiritual strength.

It was clear to me that this quest had much to do with the way I thought, with the way I treated my body and myself as a whole, with the expectations I would set,  and with the solutions and lifestyle choices I would apply … and that it also had to do with movement, nature, and the beauty of the earth.

“In my early 20s, in the back of my mind, I started thinking that one day, I would be some kind of a teacher.”

I knew I had to create something different, something that would strongly emphasize natural, real-life movement, and by extension, a lifestyle that would support empowerment and freedom in people’s lives.  This intuition came back to the surface in a very strong way more than 20 years later when I felt I had gathered enough understanding, experience, desire, and confidence to begin putting together what would become MovNat©.

I knew my whole life had led me to this.  Some intuitions are so strong that they are hard to explain.  It was that kind of intuition.  And this intuition became a vision.  Not just a thought, not just an option, not just a dream – but a vision.

I like to say that dreams are meant to be dreamed, but visions are meant to be achieved.  That vision was relatively simple, yet admittedly ambitious.

“My vision was to bring to the world a fitness concept entirely based on natural human movement, on highly practical movement skills, and a connection to nature.”

It was also to provide a powerful inspiration for people to embrace a healthy lifestyle and guidance for liberation and self-empowerment.

Lastly, I wanted to make a profound and enduring impact on the fitness industry and help trigger the necessary paradigm shift so that people would be able to learn real movement skills and become amazingly fit in the process.

As I said, a relatively simple yet admittedly ambitious vision …

But what is the alternative? Are we all supposed to become “zoo-humans,” our fitness routines domesticated, running endlessly in circles like hamsters in a cage, but going nowhere?

“Isn’t it high time to regain our evolutionarily natural abilities to move?  Isn’t it high time to move naturally again and do it with with efficiency and competency, or if you will, with power and grace?”

You define yourself, and you also define your contribution to others and to the world. Creating something different alone doesn’t suffice; it is your ability to bring your creation to the world that truly matters, so that others can benefit from it.

The primary question is this:  what do you want to bring to the world?  The second question is:  how do you do that?  If your vision is clear, you know exactly where to direct your energies. It is where the whole process starts:  define your intention.

A MovNat© Certified Trainer is a person who possesses a clear vision of what fitness is and should be again.  The MovNat trainer knows that modern fitness is an accessory and optional, but that moving naturally is, and will always be, a biological necessity.

The trainer knows that people are healthy by design, that they are meant to be strong, healthy, happy, and free.  He or she knows that people are meant to shine.  And the trainer knows how to engage people in the process of self-empowerment through authentic natural human movement.

‘A MovNat© Certified Trainer knows how to lead people back to their true nature … to make non-movers move again and make a bad mover, a great mover. After all, isn’t the freedom to move the most fundamental freedom there is?

If you share our vision, join us.  Help us bring this change into the world of fitness and into people’s lives.

By MovNat© Founder and Master Instructor Erwan Le Corre.

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4 replies
  1. Jerome says:

    Hi Erwan, MovNat team,

    Inspirational post, I would say as usual.
    This way of thinking tremendously changed my view on daily activities we engage ourselves in without realizing how crucial it is to take care of our mental and physical fitness.
    Your success is just starting up, I like to say that, because it makes me believe humans will get back to their true nature!

    Hope to see you soon for a workshop (I defined my intention, that’s what I work hard for every day!)



  2. Lori says:

    Jerome, thank you for your note.

    We’d love to hear more about how this way of thinking has changed your life.

    It is so true — mental and physical health go together. Yes, this start up time is exciting for MovNat and we hope to meet you in person at a workshop soon! Lori Crock, MovNat team member, Columbus, Ohio

  3. darcy says:

    will the certification be open to personal trainers?? Also are there plans to run a certification in Australia? keep up the good work! very exciting stuff

  4. Lori says:

    Hi Darcy, yes personal trainers are welcome at the certification — all the prereqs listed on the website apply. We’ll offer the certification in Australia, so please stay connected with us on the web (Feedburner), Twitter @MovNat, Facebook and subscribe to our e-news to stay informed. Very exciting !


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