MovNat Power and Agility 1- and 2-day Workshops In Your City

“Learning is all about freedom. The more you know, the more options you have. Knowledge is both liberating and empowering.” ~Erwan Le Corre

With the new Power and Agility Workshops, you will engage your mind and body with tools to train MovNat for increased ease, grace and power.

The 1-day (7 hours) and 2-day (14 hours) workshops have been our primary way of sharing the MovNat fitness system with you, and those like you, around the world, who want to be happy, healthy and free.

Now we are pleased to share our new, revised 2012 schedule with you — and we look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals with new information, training, and take-away materials to liberate and empower you to advance in your practice of MovNat natural human movement.

Experience a Life-changing Power & Agility Workshop:
  • Learn MovNat and dramatically improve how your move
  • Receive the Power and Agility Manual to take with you
  • Experience our Movement Efficiency Principles and apply them to any practice drill
  • Receive the renowned Functional Movement Screen a our 2-day workshop to diagnose functional impairments that will then be addressed in the workshop
  • Train the Fundamentals of MovNat techniques with countless progressions and variations of walking, running, jumping, balancing, crawling, climbing, lifting, carrying, throwing and catching
  • Explore MovNat combatives and how to use them in our 2-day workshop
  • Apply MovNat techniques and key principles in safe, but challenging Combos (combinations of movements) and obstacle courses geared to your individual abilities and limitations
  • Be introduced to the fundamentals of video analysis to analyze, correct and improve your technique
  • Program and implement your own MovNat training
  • Ask questions about lifestyle, diet and training to boost your results
  • Connect with like-minded people from your area & join our Alumni Facebook Group

Certified by the NSCA? Obtain CEUs for MovNat training. Inquire about group discounts (4 or more.) Contact


North America & International August & September 2012

Philadelphia, PA – 2-day workshop – August 18th-19th

Colorado Spring, CO – 2-day workshop – August 25th-26th

Gothenburg, Sweden – 1-day workshop – August 27th

Edinburgh, UK – 2-day workshop – September 1st-2nd

Columbus, OH – 2-day workshop – September 1st-2nd

Kansas City, KS – 2-day workshop – September 8th-9th

Atlanta, GA – 1-day workshop – September 15th

New Orleans, LA – 1-day workshop – September 16th

Charlotte, NC – 2-day workshop – September 22nd-23rd

Santa Barbara, CA – 2-day workshop – September 29th-30th

See the full 2012 schedule here.

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