MovNat Instructor Brian Tabor and the Power of the 1-Day Workshop

Brian Tabor, MovNat Team Instructor

Recently, I instructed my first solo MovNat© 1-day workshop in Las Vegas, NV.  I was excited and nervous to share my experience and knowledge of MovNat© techniques and training efficiency principles for the first time without being accompanied by MovNat© Master Instructor, Clifton Harski.

Thanks to an awesome group of participants, it turned out to be a great time, in spite of lackluster weather conditions.

A full hour before participants were scheduled to arrive, I found myself scouting the park location again, mentally rehearsing the workshop and confirming that there was access to all the appropriate challenges. The wind picked up and the clouds showed no signs of parting anytime soon.

However, participants arrived with smiles on their faces and they were ready to practice and learn, with or without sunshine. We went through introductions and I found myself leading a diverse group … ranging from a mother of two to a nuclear physicist.

Throughout the day, I emphasized some key coaching points that I had practiced prior to the workshop. Whether someone was struggling with balance, climbing, or any of the other MovNat© Movement Skills, I repeatedly returned to coaching them on the fundamentals as laid out in the workshop introduction.

Brian Teaching & Participants Practicing Climbing Skills

“Taking the time to bring someone’s focus back to their breathing and their points of contact, and moving with the proper tension, are a few of the critical points we emphasize to help participants excel at a new skill.”

After the workshop, I had an even better appreciation of, not just the physical ability needed to demonstrate and coach an entire MovNat© workshop, but also for the mental dexterity required. As each unique body typically has its own set of challenges, helping each person adapt their movements to an outdoor environment requires quick assessment and a variety of different cues from the trainer.

“As a result of teaching MovNat, I have experienced a fundamental change in the way I view exercise and my surroundings.”

I no longer view handrails, park benches, lamp posts or other objects at face value. I see challenges and opportunities for practice and exercise … and I’m pretty sure this point came across well to the participants by the end of the day. I think they will look at those objects in a new way as well.

Practicing Natural Human Movement Anywhere

Trees are MovNat© Climbing Opportunities

After the workshop, I received email messages from some of the attendees describing how they have already incorporated MovNat© practice into their lives and into their training.

One participant described how, since the MovNat© workshop, she has found a new confidence in her own body and abilities. Practicing MovNat skills has permeated the way she spends her days with her children and her family; they now practice crawling up and down the stairs and jumping off the bed just for the fun of it.

“At the end of teaching my first workshop, I was dirty, hoarse, mentally fatigued, and I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face.”

I was happy to see the wheels turning for all the participants as they left full of new ideas about fitness. I look forward to meeting future MovNat© participants and continuing to gain new insight into coaching with each new workshop.

By Brian Tabor New MovNat© Team Instructor … who won the 2010 North American Strongman National 175# Championship.

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  1. GiJo says:

    Go strong Brian. Just goes to show we never stop learning and there always is room for growth. I firmly beleive perfection is the vibrant chase, not a static goal. Keep up!


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