MovNat in Your City: A New Trainer’s Perspective

There are only a few times in life when one can say that something is truly life changing.  Getting that great job, finding the perfect person to spend your life with, and starting a family are all things that open new chapters in the lives of humans.

I would venture to say that not many of us think of fitness as something that is life changing.  Maybe some have been lucky enough, or “mindful” enough, to realize that fitness is something that must be practiced as part of a lifestyle. Others may see fitness as going to the gym and suffering through workout monotony for a desired look.  I have been in that boat before, myself. The frustrating part is that I never really saw what I wanted to see.

I got stronger and looked better, but I didn’t feel alive and I did not look forward to exercise.  It wasn’t a lifestyle to me –  it was something I felt I had to do.

Four years ago that changed, however, and I have been on a different road ever since.  I was reading a glossy fitness magazine, not really looking for a magic pill or workout, but I was searching for something to help me love working out as much as everyone else around me seemed to.   Up to that point, I’d never really found anything in those magazines, but then I ran across an article for this thing called MovNat.

This wasn’t a glamorous article showcasing airbrushed abs in an attempt to drive supplement sales. These were people moving, running, climbing, crawling, working together – and they weren’t in a gym!

I was intrigued and started following the MovNat website, and this is when I experienced a paradigm shift.  I wanted to move –  my body wanted to move – this is what I had been missing!

I watched every MovNat video I could find.  I started to practice, pulling ideas and movement combinations from the videos. But something was still missing.  I understood the concept, but my application was a little off.

After a few years of practicing on my own, I finally saw my chance to learn MovNat and share it with others, and I took it – I signed up for a certification course in Durham, North Carolina.

I found what I had been missing.  With Erwan Le Corre, Kellen Milad and Brian Tabor as my instructors, I learned what grace and power can do when they are trained properly.

I learned that power is something earned through proper technique.  Everything is earned through proper technique.  This is what I had been missing.  I had many “ah-ha” moments during the certification, and there is no way to describe the whole experience, other than ‘life changing.’

I understand and can apply the concepts of moving with proper technique.  I understand that athletic ability can be earned at any age.  These are things I believed I could achieve with practice alone.  I was wrong – they can be achieved when you practice correctly and mindfully.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the MovNat system and for the coaches and people I met during the certification.

In the short time that I have been home since earning my certification, teaching martial arts classes and working with others one-on-one, I have been using MovNat as the basis of my approach to training, and I find that we are all working much smarter towards our individual goals as athletes.

There are many ways that new MCTs could go about getting the word out about MovNat.

Having a short statement prepared to let people know what MovNat is when they ask you, “so what is MovNat?”  is essential. This is what works well for me: I explain the system to people by asking them to imagine their most care-free memories running and playing when they were kids.  I give them a second to smile, and then I tell them that this is what I can help them regain – happy, pain-free, fun movement (and, oh yeah, you will get into amazing shape).  This is usually enough to spark interest.

Of course, social media and new classes help draw people in, but it must sound fun!  I have found that it is like a trickle effect in my area – the more I show people video and send them to, the more interest and questions I get.  Passion goes a long way.  People will not commit to falsehoods.

Be as real as you can, and live the lifestyle.  As Erwan told me, “you are inspired, so you are one step away from being inspiring.”

Locate any local publications about health and fitness and consider adding a listing or find out if they accept guest articles.  You can also go to any farmer’s market or organic grocery store and tell them what you are doing.  They may let you bring in some flyers and possibly leave cards.

Take advantage of all of these simple, accessible outlets and hopefully, you will find success on the level that you are hoping for.

MovNat also provides a Trainer Locator page on their website. I have answered a number of emails from people in and around Atlanta who wanted my opinion of the certification process and to know if MovNat is worth the time and money.  I hope they take my advice and find themselves at the upcoming Atlanta certification.  I have also received client interest from the trainer locator.  These are a few things that have worked for me and things that I am planning to use.

MovNat is for everyone, and I am honored to be among the first to be certified to teach the principles and philosophy and help change lives, as MovNat has changed mine.

Joseph Simmons, MovNat Certified Trainer

Joseph Simmons is a martial artist with over 20 years of experience competing and teaching TaeKwonDo, Kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  He is a MovNat Certified Trainer and is FMS level 1 certified.  He holds a degree in Literature from Georgia College. Joseph trains in Atlanta, Georgia.  Looking for a MCT in that area? Contact him.

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