MovNat in Your City: A New MovNat Partner’s Perspective

On June 24 of this year, I became a MovNat Certified Trainer. From an observer’s perspective, it  was not a logical progression of my professional life up to that point.  But from my perspective, it made perfect sense.

I call the journey that led me here ‘From MovNot to Movnat.’

About 18 months ago, I found myself settling into a sedentary way of  life. My wife was on bed rest at the end of her pregnancy, and I was busily studying away in acupuncture school. Between sitting in classes and spending time with my wife on bed rest, I had become the epitome of the ‘zoo human,’ as Erwan likes to call us.  I was also feeling old and a bit broken down even though I was only 38 at the time.

The birth of our daughter was a wake up call. I realized I didn’t want to be one of those parents on the sidelines, watching my daughter play – I wanted to stay healthy and active and able to be out there playing with her.

I began to be more active again, and I was looking around for fitness ideas I could put into practice right away without having to head to the gym, as I had taken the summer off to stay home with our daughter.

That’s how  I discovered MovNat.

I stumbled across a video of some crazy French guy running around like a wild gazelle (or rather like a wild human).  Not only that, it turned out he had developed a system of training to help others run around like wild humans!

‘I’ve  got to do this,’ was my immediate thought. But as often seems to happen with me, I found MovNat the week AFTER  a one day workshop had been held right here in my very own city of Minneapolis!

Undeterred I dove in, reading whatever I could about MovNat online. I sought out like-minded folks in my area and began a ‘natural movement’ meetup  group.  I practiced, plotted and schemed for a chance to train with the MovNat team.

I signed up for a one day workshop in Denver later that fall and was counting the days. When it was all over, I was only thirsty for more. I signed up for a two day workshop the following spring in Minneapolis. Another amazing workshop, another great trainer. That is one of the things that kept me excited about MovNat – it’s not only the training and the system that are great, but also the individuals who make up the MovNat team. Such impressive athletes  -yes,  great coaches – yes, but also just warm, gracious people.

At the two day workshop I heard that they would be back for  a certification event later that summer. I kept thinking, ‘I’ve got to do this.’  At the time, I didn’t  know how it fit with what I had  been doing – studying acupuncture for several years after several years working on an organic farm – but I knew I had to jump, even without knowing for sure where I would land.

The certification itself was great. From the amazing coaches to the other candidates, it was a very supportive environment. Everyone wanted to help each other succeed.  Erwan’s passion in wanting to help people with MovNat, especially the people who need it the most, people  who have become alienated from nature  and have given up on their potential  to move naturally with ease, power, and grace was especially moving to me.

Now here we are,  18 months later, and I’m officially a MovNat Certified Trainer.  On my 40th birthday, I applied to become a MovNat Partner.

Currently, I’m just getting my marketing and program implementation off the ground.

Before deciding to become an MCT and MovNat Partner, I had been running a meetup group for about a year. This has served as a great base of support and a great initial group of connections to launch my business from.

I also took some time to create a website and a facebook page for the business, which now ‘sponsors’ the meetup group.

While online marketing is great, I also wanted to do some marketing the old fashioned way and put some flyers around town.

As a trainer without a gym , I use a model somewhat like a  ‘bootcamp,’ training in local parks, and I am using MovNat  as the basis of my training and branding.

I target my flyer distribution with that in mind, focusing on the neighborhoods surrounding those parks.

It’s also useful to come up with a good ‘elevator speech’ for what MovNat is when trying to explain it in a pinch. There are plenty of great ones already in the materials that Erwan and company have come up with, but if these don’t feel quite natural for you – put them into your own words. You never know when this might come in handy (at the grocery store, at a 5k race, at your child’s daycare) so it’s good to be prepared.

Greg Ripley, MCT, MovNat Partner

Greg Ripley is married to a wonder woman, is a proud poppa of an 18-month-old daughter, and studies acupuncture and Chinese medicine, in addition to practicing and teaching movement skills with the MovNat© training system. For training in Minneapolis or more information see his website, MovNatMinnesota. You can also find Greg’s contact information on our Trainer Locator page.

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