MovNat in Thailand: Surmounting Fears and Challenges

The experience of MovNat in Thailand … Join us in March.

For this blog entry, a dictionary will be very handy.  I had to buy one, and I have used it for pretty much every MovNat workshop I’ve conducted in Thailand.  Here’s why:

Traumatophobia, Heliophobia, Aquaphobia, Claustrophobia, Mysophobia, Acrophobia, Spheksophobia, Arachnophobia, Gelotophobia, Thalassophobia, and Atychiphobia.

Have fun, and see how many of them you already know the meaning of. These are strange and cryptic words, but I’ve seen them all. Moving naturally can be impaired, not only by age and lack of strength and mobility, but also by fear.

After the February workshop in Thailand, I received this testimonial from one of the participants, Laura, a very active woman and mother of two:

My time in Thailand attending the MovNat Workshop was a completely unforgettable experience.  Right from the start, our group of crazy, fun people from all around the globe got along so well and there was never a dull moment.  There were things that I found myself doing that I thought I would never be able to do.  My mental strength was challenged, and I realized that my fear of heights could be taken care of in just an instant after realizing that fear is not physical, and that I am fully able to do so many things.  I did those things, and then did some more, right till the end of the week when we got to do those things in the Jungle!

“Feeling true to your nature is an experience that everyone needs to feel.”

Laura Facing Fear

“When did we all grow up and forget how to move and do things comfortably and confidently the way we used to as kids?  Now that I have been reminded, I will keep practicing so that I can still crawl, balance, climb, roll, etc. till my last days on earth.  Everyone needs to do this.  I realized during the workshop that it doesn’t matter if you are fit, old, weak, or even a workaholic;  we can all be taught how to move more efficiently and how to make the most of our surroundings every day.  Life is fast;  I would like to be strong enough mentally and physically to enjoy it as much as I can.  Thanks, Vic, for teaching me the skills to do this!”

“One of the things we observe in a MovNat workshop is that fear could be the most limiting factor in one’s ability to move and adapt to the environment.  We teach people self-confidence.”

Vic Verdier, MovNat Master Instructor

Participants who had excellent balancing skills on a very narrow plank on the ground would actually freak out when standing on a much wider beam at shoulder height.  Competitive athletes on land would lose most of their abilities in the water.  People able to move their body with flow and grace would feel extremely uncomfortable having to touch someone else’s body during a grappling session on the ground.  Strong and very active participants would find their ability to move efficiently greatly diminished when in contact with sand, mud, mosquitoes, or the sun.

In his bestseller book “Free Yourself from Fear”, Joseph O’Connor explains that we learn most of our fears during our childhood.  And like everything else, what has been learnt can be un-learnt.

I believe that the goals of a MovNat workshop are to help everyone to improve their ability to move, to deal with their fear, and to reach their optimal potential.  How could one move in Nature if they cannot fully adapt to their environment?  No one should be scared of what they cannot do … yet.

“MovNat is for everyone, and strength comes in many flavors – one of them being the strength to fight one’s own fears.”

By Vic Verdier, MovNat Master Instructor.

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