Tuesday, September 4th

MovNat Combo with Team Instructor, Kellen Milad

One of the primary principles of MovNat is being Adaptive. Our movement skills are like tools in our toolbox -they are at our disposal as we need them.  You’ll use some techniques more than others, but you’ll want to make sure all your tools stay finely-tuned so they can be used when the need arises.

While your training environment may not always challenge you to adapt your movement skills, it is important to diversify the movements you train to develop your ability to be Adaptive.  Today we’ll emphasize this principle by incorporating different movements within a set combo – the aptitudes will stay constant, but the techniques will vary.

The Combo – Walking, Carrying, Jumping, Climbing

  • Walking: Duck Unders, Get Ups & ground transitions
  • Carrying: Chest, Suitcase, Overhead (not shown)
  • Jumping: Broad Jumps, Split Jumps, Leg Swing Jumps
  • Climbing: Dead hang, Pop Up, Swing Up, Muscle Up

I never got too deep into specializing in any one sport or training style. I have always appreciated diversity in my training/playing/competing.  The principles of Unspecialized and Adaptive guide my pursuit of being a skilled generalist. This combo fits my MovNat practice by blending practical strength, power, asymmetrical loading, hip mobilization, and shoulder stabilization.  Even though my environment didn’t force me to adapt, every round was an improvisation. Having a preset framework gives me some structure, and the variety keeps my movement skills sharp across a wider range of techniques.

I make sure to use only the techniques that I have already established efficiency in and to execute them in a manner this is both low risk and low danger. I completed 3 rounds for a total of about 12 minutes of continuous movement as a conclusion to my training session. When building your combo, be sure it utilizes the right techniques and scale for you.  Keep in mind the following points for tailoring this combo to your current level of physical competence:

  • Adjust the weight of the external loads to challenge you – not overwhelm you.
  • Practice your jumps in within a distance or height that is well within your ability level
  • Don’t settle for Effectiveness. Strive for a higher degree of Efficiency in your training, even if it means scaling back a skill.
  • Slow down and find opportunities for active rest via the skills in which you are more efficient.
  • Be creative and improvise. Slightly alter the techniques and implementation every round.

Within every movement there is a learning opportunity – try this combo out, and let us know what your expression looks like.

Keep moving, mindfully.

Kellen Milad, MovNat Team Instructor

This combo video was filmed on location at Strength Box, Toronto

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