MovNat Combo with Team Instructor, Brian Tabor

Putting MovNat combos together doesn’t have to be difficult. Choose movements that are competent enough to complete efficiently even when you are fatigued, and movements which support your current training goals.

Currently, I am 3 weeks out from competing at the “Dallas Europa Get Fit American Strongman Strongman Fitness Challenge.” Long name, I know, but basically I am competing for a shot to compete at the Arnold Classic in 2013. At this point in my training, I am working to stay healthy, maintain the strength I have to hit contest weights, and continue to develop my conditioning.

The combo in the following video is as follows:

  • Rotational throws with a 12# medicine ball, 5 each side
  • Forward hand and foot crawl for approximately 30ft
  • 200# sand bag, deadlift and carry for 30ft.
  • Wall climb with transitions over each leg

The rotational throws help me reinforce power development from the hips and legs while staying tight in the midsection. I won’t be doing a lot of rotational movements in competition, but I like including movements in a variety of directions, as I feel it really helps me continue to feel strong, athletic, and well.

The crawling movement adds work to my combo, but also plays a huge role as a closed chain upper body movement. Closed chain movements are great for continuing to strengthen the musculature that provide stability to the scapula, which, not coincidentally, keeps me feeling good when I press big weights overhead.

The sandbag carry is what it is. I will be carry and loading sandbags of a similar weight during the last event of my competition, so I’ve been doing lots of carries in combos like this as a very specific contest type movement.

Finally, the climbing and transitions give me an opportunity to balance and refocus while continuing to develop shoulder and core stability. Staying focused in the middle of an exhausting event is often the difference between 1st place and a catastrophic fail.

This combo is simple enough for anyone to perform and scale to their needs. You can:

  • Use lighter weights (nothing wrong with a 2# medicine ball or carrying something that is a more appropriate load)
  • Reduce or increase the repetitions and distance
  • Perform the transitional movements on the ground if you don’t balance well
  • Change up the crawling pattern to make it more or less difficult by changing the type of crawl pattern or the direction

Adjust rest between rounds or the number of rounds. Adjust this combo to your needs, space, and the implements you have available.

Brian Tabor: MovNat Team Instructor, All-Around Fun Guy.

This is just one variation or combo that I have found useful in my recent training as way to prep for my contest and have some fun in my training as well.

Give it a go and tell us about your experience in the comments! Happy moving!

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6 replies
  1. Jay says:

    This is something I have been waiting for, to see how a movnat instructor puts a combo together. I have been struggling to come up with ideas for training, with help from the alumni and this i can move forward. Thanks Brian and thanks all at movnat

  2. Jordan says:

    This is great. Since every MovNat course is a several hours drive from me, stuff like this and YouTube videos is all I have to learn from. To be honest, I wouldn’t be opposed to having a paid section of the site where instructional videos like this are available. That would be a nice option who people who can’t travel to or afford a MovNat course.

  3. Joey Manicotti says:

    I agree with Jordan. I have been waiting for something like this for a few years now. I know there is a book and/or DVD coming, but I would love to see more of these combos. I am also not opposed to a paid section of this site that provides more videos, training ideas and suggestions. Possibly also a method of asking questions. (For example: I dont have a brick wall available to me, what can be done instead of the med ball throws?)
    Thanks for everything so far!


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