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Join the World Leader in Natural Movement® Fitness and become part of a global network of Natural Movement® Fitness providers. We have class, gym, and community service license packages available.


What is the Class License?
The MovNat Class License is required for individuals and facilities interested in offering MovNat Natural Movement classes. The MovNat Class License grants you the opportunity to offer official MovNat Natural Movement® classes at your facility, as well as in the great outdoors.


What are the benefits?
The MovNat Class License grants you the right to commercially use our trademarks and promotional materials including print, digital and video media to promote your classes. Once your license has been secured, you can teach and promote unlimited MovNat Natural Movement classes for one year. The Class License also allows you to purchase and teach MovNat Natural Movement Classes on MovNat’s revolutionary new Natural Movement® Modular Equipment System. Upon acceptance and approval of your application, you will receive an Official Licensed MovNat Facility certificate, door/ window stickers, and posters to display in your facility. Your facility will also be added to our online MovNat facility locator at so students can find you around the world. What’s more, you will receive official MovNat programming and workout structure guidelines for teaching private MovNat instruction, small and large size MovNat Natural Movement® classes, plus access to our vast library of Natural Movement videos, and ongoing global marketing support including print ad and banner ad (web) templates, promotional videos.


What are the requirements?
To become a MovNat Class Licensee, you must be a Level 2 or higher MovNat Certified Trainer. You must also be a gym or fitness business owner already, or become one, and have (but not necessarily own) a permanent indoor location and business license for classes. Only licensees primarily teaching MovNat Natural Movement classes at a permanent indoors location will be allowed to teach MovNat Natural Movement classes in nature. You must carry current liability insurance, a current business license for your facility, and comply with all appropriate laws and regulations in your region.

MovNat Certified Trainer Rights & Privileges

PrivilegeLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Teach Level 1 skills
Use the “MovNat Certified Trainer” and/or “MovNat Natural Movement Trainer” names, the MCT credential, and the MCT Logo on personal business materials, website, and promotional materials
Listed on the Trainer Directory
Eligible for certification at specialty events (e.g. MovNat Combatives & Aquatics)
*May petition for Licensing if a health care professionalN/AN/A
Teach Level 2 skills

May apply to teach MovNat Elements Workshops
Eligible for Class or Gym Licensing
Teach Level 3 skills
Eligible for selection as a MovNat Team Instructor (by invitation only)

MovNat Licensee Rights & Privileges

PrivilegeClass LicenseGym License
May hold up to 30 official MovNat/Natural Movement classes monthlyN/A
Access to basic marketing materials (brochures, print/web ad templates, etc.)
Listed on the website as an active Licensee
Access to Natural Movement Video Database
Ongoing support from MovNat HQ Team
Access to a special insider Facebook group full of fellow business owners
Eligibility to hold (and profit from) MovNat 1 day Elements workshops at increased profit share
Ability to special order Natural Movement® Modular Equipment System
May use MovNat / Natural Movement trademarks in business name/brand/website (e.g. MovNat Denver).
May develop websites, videos, and promo materials bearing the MovNat / Natural Movement trademarks
May host unlimited MovNat / Natural Movement classes
Access to all premium marketing materials (posters, door/window stickers, brochures, print/web ad templates, etc.)
Access to upcoming insider continuing education groups
Preferred partner for official MovNat social media campaigns
Right of first refusal when MovNat events are hosted in your area

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