THE MOVNAT CERTIFICATIONThere is a paradigm shift occurring in fitness. The future is movement. Practical, real-world movement.


People are bored and disempowered by fitness programs that mostly promote cosmetic, muscle-centric, ego-driven results. They crave a physical competency that applies to the real world and their real lives. They crave a fitness not just in how they look but in how they feel, a competency to operate their body and physically navigate the world outside the gym.


Learn to teach the proper technique and mindful engagement of movement. Learn to teach movement as a practice, a practice that your clients can take with them to every part of their lives. When you change the movement, you change the person.

By improving their natural movement skills, you will improve your students’ fundamental level of body/mind health and well-being. You will increase their strength, balance, agility, and resiliency. You will boost their self-confidence and self-esteem. You will re-EMPOWER their lives.

MovNat Certification is an education in movement. Once certified, you can teach Natural Movement® as a stand alone fitness program, or in combination with your current method.




> For Yoga Studios
> For Parkour Coaches
> For Cross Training Gyms
> For Health Care Practitioners
> Obstacle Race Preparation


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