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MAPS: Week of August 31, 2020

Session 1

Warm Up: 2-3 Rounds : Hold Position for 1-2 Breaths


Option 1: Perform each balance skill or drill individually : 3-5 Sets/Skill : Rest 1-2min

Option 2: Perform in sequences of any skill for listed distance/reps or until you lose balance or fatigue : Use 2×4, rail, narrow surface, or draw or follow a line on the ground : 20min : Rest as needed

Forward and Backward Counterbalance Drill : 5-8x

Balanced Tripod Transition : 2-5x/side

Balanced Side Shuffle : 6m/dir
Balanced Deep Knee Bend Side Shuffle : 3m/dir

Combo: 3-5 Rounds

Session 2

Warm Up: 2 Rounds : Hold Position for 1-2 Breaths


Start at your current skill level. Perform each movement skill individually

3-5 Sets/Skill : Rest 1-2min between sets, 2-3min between skills

Backward Sprawl From Kneel : 5-8x

Backward Sprawl – Neutral Spine Variation : 5-8x

Backward Sprawl – Extended Hips Variation : 5-8x

Forward Sprawl : 5-8x : option to modify using kneeling position and Prone Get Up

Combo: 3-5 Rounds

Session 3

Warm Up: 2-3 Rounds : Hold Position for 1-2 Breaths


Continuous hanging for time : 2-5 Sets : Rest same amount of time as you hang or as needed

Practice hanging variations for as long as you can safely. Your centre of gravity (COG) must stay below the surface of support (SOS) the whole time. Use combinations of hands, feet, elbows, knees, armpits, etc.

Side Hang

Side Hang to Leg Hook

Front Hang to Foot Pinch : Alternate hand position often : transition to leg hook : add pull ups

Pull Up to Forearm Hang

Forearm Pull Up

One Arm Hang

Want more ideas? Watch this great inspirational skill video from one of our MNOC coaches here

Beginner: 10sec-1min
Intermediate: 1-2min
Advanced: 3-5min

Combo: 3-5 Rounds 

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