LIFTING / RUNNING / WALKING: Multiple Lifting Techniques with Sprinting

A MovNat combo workout (MCW) is a short circuit, combining a selection of techniques and movement variations, to be performed several times in a row without discontinuity. The content, emphasis, and level of difficulty of a combo in term of volume (time, number of sets and reps, distance), intensity (speed, height, distance, weight) or complexity (movement pattern, surfaces, shapes, weather conditions) should vary in relation to individual level and objectives.

#1 is efficiency. The rest follows.


Today’s MCW


3 Rounds of:

45lb sandbag Deadlift
Waist Carry 20m
Running at a medium pace for 200m
Step-Unders 5 times per side (stepping sideways under the tree)


Using a sturdy tree that has 2-3 feet of separation from the ground

4 Rounds of:

[60lb sandbag Clean & Push Press] 6 times
Overhead Carry 20m
Running 50m – gradually building up to a full Sprint
Walk back while performing Step-Unders (stepping sideways under the tree)


Using a sturdy tree that has 4-5 feet of separation from the ground

5 Rounds of:

[80lb sandbag Get Up to 3 Squats to 3 reps Jerk] 1 time on each shoulder
Overhead Carry 30m
6 laps sprinting back and forth across 15m, using good technique to change direction
Side stepping while in the Squat Position 8 steps each direction

What’s MovNat again?

MovNat training is a physical education system and fitness program entirely based on the full range of natural human movement skills, including locomotive, manipulative, and combative skills.
The goal of MovNat training is the acquisition of physical competence for practical performance in the real world, and through the symbiotic development of movement skills and conditioning. The practice is both scalable and progressive.

(i.e train intelligently, there’s enough jackasses in this world already)

The MCW above is for inspirational and motivational purpose only. It is not a technical instruction, or a standard, or individual program. Indications of reps, sets, time, height, distance, weight etc… are suggestions. Programming should be individually customized according to individual competence and objectives.
You are responsible for your own health and physical integrity. Always keep in mind safety considerations before engaging in physical training.

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