Level 1 Certification
Movnat LEVEL 1 CERTIFICATION – Additional Info

More Information about the Certification Process.



Our level 1 certification workshops mix 2 types of participants: the participants to the 2 day workshop (training only) and those who attend the 2.5 day certification workshop as candidates. Here is the list of advantages only candidates to the certification will benefit:

  • An extra half day of theory and practice, with additional testing at end of third day.
  • Access to the certification manual and training video library upon registration (allowing you to learn and practice before the workshop).
  • Examination of theory, personal skills and coaching abilities at the end of the workshop.
  • Access to the private MCT forum and Facebook page (upon passing the certification)
  • Being listed in our MCT locator (upon passing the certification) on movnat.com
  • (limited) Right to use the “MovNat Natural Movement Certified Trainer” mention and logo on your business cards, website or printed material.

The Level 1 Certification Course is an introduction to MovNat’s modality and foundational movements. The course includes lecture, movement instruction, as well as written and physical evaluation. Potential MCT’s should view the Level I Certification Course as the beginning of the journey. The course is not designed to be a comprehensive or all-encompassing education in Natural Movement. Rather it provides a basic certification to begin teaching, as well as the foundation to continue one’s own movement practice.


The evaluation has three components:

  • Movement technique
  • Coaching ability
  • Written Test Evaluation

Instructors will evaluate your movement technique throughout the weekend. The complete list of movements that will be covered in the Level 1 Certification is listed on this page (below). As soon as participants register, they will be given access to the video library which contains a full series of instructional videos. Learning and practicing these movements is essential for success at MovNat Certification.

The coaching ability is evaluated at the Level 1 Certification. Based on a test scenario, your ability to identity movement inefficiency and effectively correct movement patterns will be evaluated. Trainers will be expected to be able to verbalize and demonstrate proper technique on all Level 1 movements.

After registration, participants will be sent the MovNat Trainer Manual. Studying this manual is essential to passing the written evaluation.

The written evaluation has been designed to guarantee a competency and fluency with the concepts and ideas of Natural Movement. As a trainer, it is essential to be able to communicate these concepts to clients and the public. The test contains 25 multiple-choice questions. A passing score of 80% or better is required. All of the test questions come directly from the lectures, video library, and the MovNat Trainer Manual.

*All participants will have the opportunity to submit videos via email for up to 3 months for any incomplete or failed test (physical and/or coaching tests). Upon passing, a certificate will be issue backdated to the date of the event.


Q -What are the 4 grips?
A. Crossed fingers grip, Wrist grip, Gable grip, S-grip.
B. Wrist grip, V-grip, Crossed fingers grip, Plough grip.
C. Gable grip, V-grip, Plough grip, Crossed fingers grip.
D. S-grip, Crossed fingers grip, Swing grip, Wrist grip.

Q – The following description is about which technique?
This technique is primarily used after a depth jump (or a jump from height). It is useful in dispersing a significant amount of the impact forces throughout the entire kinetic chain, rather than leaving them localized primarily in the lower body.
A. Squat Landing
B. Slap Landing
C. Swing Landing
D. Rotational Landing

Failure in any area of evaluation will result in no certification being issued to participant. However, logistics permitting, the candidates who fail some of the tests might be allowed to re-take the tests during the same week-end.

Candidates must have some basic knowledge of human anatomy & physiology and/or kinesiology.They also must be 18 years old and CPR/AED certified.

Natural Movement is for everyone. MovNat endorses the principles of equal opportunity – the MCT program is available to all participants regardless of age, race, religion, gender, national origin, veteran status, sexual preference or orientation.

The default language for the Level 1 Course is English. However, depending on the local logistics, some workshops might have a local MovNat Trainer who could translate some lectures. The written exam is always in English, though


Ground Movement – All foundational positions and transitions
Get Ups – Cross Squat and Tripod
Crawling – Foot Hand and Inverted
General Balancing Principles, including Walking and Counter-Balancing
Pivot Reverse
Cross Reverse
General landing
Leg Swing jump
Forward jump
Upward jump
Downward jump
Tripod vault
Single Handed Side vault
Double-handed Side vault
Forward swinging
Swing Brake
Forward Swing traverse
Side Swing traverse
Power traverse
Hook traverse
Side Swing Throw and Catch
Push Press Throw and Catch
Waist Carry
Chest Carry

Be sure to view our Movement Library on Youtube for visual examples.

All participants are required to register for the Level 1 Certificate at MovNat.com using the link for the specific event. Arrangements to pay by check or other method are permissible, please contact MovNat at contact@movnat.com to obtain specific details.

To inquire about the possibility of a payment plan please contact contact@movnat.com

All sales are final. However, we do accommodate transfers, subject to limitations. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

  • Both “MovNat” and “Natural Movement” are USPTO registered trademarks. MovNat LLC owns the exclusive right of use in commerce of both trademarks. The use in commerce of both the MovNat and Natural Movement trademarks by MovNat Certified Trainers is subject to specific limitations (see below).
  • For information regarding becoming a MovNat/Natural Movement licensed facility, please click here.

MovNat Certified Trainer (MCT) Privileges Prerequisite: MovNat Certified
Trainer – Natural Movement Level 1


  • List the trainer certification on personal business materials, as follows: Your name, MovNat Certified Trainer (or MovNat Natural Movement Trainer)
  • Designate that you are a “MovNat Certified Trainer” or “MovNat Natural Movement Trainer” on your website, business cards, and all promotional materials.
  • Use the MovNat Certified Trainer logo which will be available upon completion of the course.
  • Use the MovNat Certified Trainer logo in the certified trainer’s business materials.*
  • We recommend wearing MovNat or “MovNat Natural Movement Fitness” on your local branded attire when teaching MovNat.


  • Cannot use the MovNat or Natural Movement trademarks, names, slogans, artwork, photos, videos or copy content from the MovNat website in any other business or promotional manner.
  • Linking to content and videos on the MovNat, LLC site is acceptable.
  • Cannot use the MovNat or Natural Movement trademark and name in your business name, videos, web address, or class name, or facility name unless enrolled in our licensing program.
  • The MovNat Certified Trainer title does not allow for the use of MovNat and Natural Movement trademarks, names, slogans, artwork, photos, or content from the MovNat website in any other business or promotional manner.
  • Any MovNat videos you develop for your website must be high-quality, professional and approved by MovNat, LLC

Please contact us at legal@movnat.com with any additional questions you have regarding MovNat Certification.