Kellen Milad: Master Instructor

My introduction to MovNat came in 2011 through a short demo class. Right away, I knew it was just what I needed, even though I didn’t know I was looking for it.

At the time, I was starting to question the traditional approach to fitness. I knew there was a problem, even though I didn’t have the words to define it. So, I started getting outside to move and play away from the gym, and I was getting in some of my best training. I couldn’t articulate it, but this style felt perfect for me.

Then I discovered MovNat and was stoked to learn that this wasn’t just me messing around in the park. Instead, there was an actual system I could use to guide myself to moving better. I love that I can maintain my health, a high level of fitness, AND have fun with my training. MovNat ticked all the boxes. So, I went all-in and never looked back.

I’ve been on the MovNat team since 2011 and have continually practiced and taught the system of Natural Movement. MovNat has a huge curriculum of movements, but it has never limited me to them. I have branched out into other styles of movement, and I still practice some traditional training, too. My Natural Movement skills have had tremendous carry over into all the types of movement I enjoy.

The benefits didn’t stop with fitness either. The practice has flowed over into my lifestyle in numerous ways. I love that there’s no standard. Everyone gets to define their own fitness and lifestyle. Personally, I love to move pretty much everyday, but diversity is key. Some days I train hard, some days I play, some days I move more slowly and mindfully. I love the intuitive and integrative side of MovNat and often highlight those aspects in my teaching.

In addition to MovNat, I’m the co-owner of CoMotion Fitness in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I also run an online movement coaching & professional mentorship business called Movement Parallels Life.

Outside of work, I love cooking & food made with love (if I’m in your city let’s get burgers!). I’m a huge music fan and dancing is my favorite way to move. I’m a nerd for podcasts, documentaries, fantasy football, and Tarantino films. I hope we get to connect at a MovNat event in the future!