“It was beautiful here”

This film shows the purposeful destruction of Amazon rainforest by ranchers. A man from the Enawene Nawe tribe explains the desperate situation. Their land has been left barren, all the animals have fled and the tribe’s people are struggling to survive.

Nevertheless, the ranchers are still actively expanding their operations. You can help the Enawene Nawe to protect the forest as well as other tribal people by supporting Survival International.

Survival International is a nominee in the 8th Annual Human Rights Awards.  By voting for Survival International, you also support the populations that are still living ancestral ways so they can remain healthy, happy and free…on wild, beautiful lands.

Thanks for your support.

Erwan Le Corre

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  1. Tom Norwood says:

    Thank you for posting this Erwan. I lived with the Yanomamo in Venezuela for a summer and am saddened by the growing loss of these people and cultures and the amazing lands they live in.

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