Thursday, May 10th

Frank Forencich’s New Book: Stresscraft

Frank Forencich, creator of Exuberant Animal, specializes in the field of Evolutionary health and offers resources related to health, performance, and the human predicament.

Frank is a friend of MovNat and Erwan Le Corre, so we are glad to share his most recent book, Stresscraft: A Whole-Life Approach to Health and Performance.

According to Frank, we have “become increasingly trapped in this modern, alien environment, stress becomes a greater challenge than ever before. Not only does it affect our bodies and our health, it also wreaks havoc on our cognition and our spirits. Stresscraft offers a broad, multi-disciplinary look at the challenge of stress and offers practical solutions that anyone can use to create more meaningful and enjoyable lives.”

This is critical for our health as described in this excerpt …

‘In its modern, toxic form, stress contributes to massive levels of human suffering. It exacerbates most disease state, especially so-called “lifestyle diseases” such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, attention problems, and neurological disorders. And, even when stress doesn’t kill us outright, it robs us of precious years of life quality and exuberance.’

Frank challenges us to dive into stress education, the mind / body experience, deal with stress as it relates to our “tribe, team and community” and find that balance of just enough stress in our lives to push us into action … without sending us over the edge.

He explains how the art of stresscraft includes many factors, including some we may have never thought of — as it relates to the biological, the humanities, the creative arts and much more.

Enjoy the meditation exercises and photography throughout the book, and Frank’s advice to always remember to Breathe ….