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  1. Samson says:

    Hey Erwan,

    I just wanted to say that i like to hear that there will be a lot of scientits involved in the make of the book and the future auf movnat.
    I followed the development for a couple of years (since parkour.net)
    and always liked what you do but its specialy exiting for me to see so many scientist getting involved.

    Looking foreward to whats coming.

  2. Robert W says:

    Hi Erwan,

    That was a great interview.

    Jacqueline asked what I think are probably some of the most common questions…like how Movnat compares and contrasts with Crossfit, what the so-called normal person can do to get started with Movnat type movement, etc.

    I very much liked your emphasis upon skill-building…climbing as opposed to, say, jumping on a box. It brought to light the zoo human complex.

    Thanks…and looking forward to it all.

    robert in NC (USA)

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