Wednesday, February 3rd

Back from the Mayan Kingdom

I’m back from the heart of the Mayan jungle where I held two courses by a crystal clear blue lagoon in Bacalar, Mexico.  Now I’m taking a few days to relax and practice MovNat on the beach before I head to NYC to do a round of international media and to talk with a couple of publishers who are interested in producing a MovNat book.

Wow! What a fun time we had here in Mexico, despite the minimalism we practiced and the omnipresence of mosquitoes!

All participants said they learned a lot about natural movement, and where able to see the tremendous progress they made in the before and after videos we took of them.  But the real changes where not just seen, but could also be felt. Everyone who left said they felt the difference of connecting to their true nature.

The reincarnation of a Mayan warrior?

A Mayan warrior? Nope, this is John Durant himself!

Among the participants was John Durant a Harvard graduate who lives in NYC. I truly believe John embodies the MovNat philosophy of what it means to be strong, healthy, happy and free.  John demonstrated a real passion for the evolutionary lifestyle and his intelligence of the movement was only superseded by his spirit.  I look forward to continuing to help John develop his skills in the 12 natural movement capacities.

Read New York Times article “The New Age Cavemen and the City” here.

On February 3rd John did a fantastic job at spreading the word about the evolutionary lifestyle movement, including the Paleodiet and MovNat, when he got interviewed during the Colbert Report! If you miss it you can watch it below.  A “primal rockstar” is born? (:D John I am messing up with you ;-)).

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John Durant
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John has just launched his website at www.hunter-gatherer.com,  there is no content yet, but make sure to bookmark it so you can follow up with him in the near future.

By the way, there are only 4 spots left for the MovNat workshop-retreat in Itacare, Brazil if you want an exotic adventure where you can learn a lot about the primal in you and experience your true nature, click here: Brazil event.

Erwan Le Corre