Monday, October 24th

A MovNat Breakfast

Though prepping this meal should take only a couple minutes, eating it should not.  The concept of “eating mindfully” is rehashed on every blog and news site these days, but a quick stroll downtown during lunch is all it takes to see few are listening.  Tablet devices and smartphones have revolutionized our lives in yes, positive ways, but they have no place near our insatiable fingers and overstimulated minds during meals.  For the meager 10-20 minutes it takes to chow down fresh fruit in creamy goodness topped with aromatic cinnamon, relish it: savor each bite, chew intentionally (would you be able to remember and describe the flavors?), close your eyes, inhale-exhale, smile (you have opposable thumbs, access to nourishing food, and taste buds), and begin your day with some goodness.

All you need to get the first day of the rest of your life started:
– Blueberries, peaches, and bananas (or whatever’s in season)
– Coconut milk (full fat)
– Cinnamon
– 3 minutes

– Hot green tea that will warm you up from the inside out on a crisp fall morning

What’s your *breakfast routine?
*If that’s your thing