by Erwan Le Corre

MovNat is a school of physical competence for the real-world. Our goal is to equip people with the movement skills, physiological preparedness (strength & conditioning), and mindset necessary for practical, adaptable performance – both fundamental and high level.

As a physical education system and fitness method, MovNat is entirely based on the practice of Natural Movement skills, i.e. movements that the human body was designed or “selected” to perform. These skills can be divided into three categories:

  • Locomotive
  • Manipulative
  • Combative

Locomotive skills include ground movements (crawling, get-ups), balancing, walking, running, jumping, climbing, and aquatic skills.

Manipulative skills include lifting, carrying, throwing, and catching.

Combative skills include grappling and striking.

MovNat’s method symbiotically develops positional and breath control, spatial awareness, coordination, balance, mobility, stability, strength, power, endurance, adaptability and resiliency, as well as focus/mindfulness and mental fortitude.



Skill is the “new” sexy

The progressive practice of movement skill is the foundation of the MovNat method.  Making the body stronger and more conditioned is like upgrading your hardware – but the movement skills are the software that governs the hardware. In other words, improving movement skill is not only essential for performance – it actually drives performance.


At the fundamental level, this concept should be obvious – but as we’ve gradually disconnected from our natural environment it has become less so. In our modern society, our environment doesn’t require physical performance – therefore most of us view “fitness” as a chore to keep our bodies looking socially acceptable while avoiding the pains associated with a sedentary lifestyle. But this logic only leads the great majority to develop an unnatural, unhealthy fear of moving.


Nurture your true nature

In the bigger picture, Natural Movement is an instinct that we have been conditioned to suppress from a young age. By reconnecting to Natural Movement in a progressive, systematic way we are able to safely and effectively unleash our natural drive to move – improved conditioning, strength, mobility, body aesthetics, and overall state of health become the consequence.

Ironically, MovNat sits at the “cutting edge” of the fitness industry because it represents authentic movement in a natural balance; as an unspecialized system, it truly is for everyone. In fact, anyone from an elder to an elite athlete can benefit from the practice. MMA fighter Carlos Condit understands this concept, as he benefitted from working with me, both indoors and outside, on specific movement skills that dramatically improved his game. By working on skills and specific drills that required lower gait stability and a higher level performance of his feet, I was able to improve his stance, footwork, and overall stability – something his coach Greg Jackson admitted he saw was needed but was unable to correct.

Strong to be helpful

Imagine enjoying a relaxing evening on a rocky coastline. Suddenly, you notice someone in the distance is in a dire situation – nearly drowning. You subconsciously analyze the rugged environment, which makes you hesitate and question “Am I capable of saving this person, or should I sit back and hope someone else is?” Or, while precious seconds pass, you find yourself thinking “Should I put my shoes on first?”

MovNat is bigger than movement; its a mindset. Real world strength – what we call “physical competence” – is and always will be our biological call of duty. Its the strength of self-reliance: to be able to work hard without quitting, get dirty playing with your kids, and step forward with something to offer when a helping hand is needed.

Imagine if the vast majority of people possessed such an empowered, self-actualized mindset to not only preserve their own vitality well into old age, but also consider that of others and the environment at large. The positive effects on our civilization would be far and deep. For that reason, the mindset that is cultivated through Natural Movement – not extreme stunts in nature – is the highest goal of MovNat.

In summary, MovNat’s purpose is three fold:

1 – Reawaken the natural human drive to move naturally

2 – Develop human performance via effectiveness, efficiency, and adaptability in Natural Movement

3 – Educate professionals to teach Natural Movement in a comprehensive, intelligently designed method

Through natural physical education and training, we create the ultimate foundation for anyone to achieve fitness, vitality, and true freedom.