Note: If you want to get a head start on next week’s MovNat Tripod Challenge (see below for more info), check out this new video tutorial on a staple movement from the MovNat Curriculum, the Tripod Get Up (and the Tripod Transition).

The Tripod Get-Up is a fundamental natural movement. It’s most common application is to make sitting down and getting up from the ground easy, but you can also use it to kneel or climb up onto a narrow surface to balance on (a favorite of many MovNat students!). The Tripod Get Up can also be done rapidly in case of emergency or even in a combatives situation. Another application of this Get Up is the ability to lift a load up or put it down securely with one arm, as you use your other arm for support on the ground.

Along with the practical implications of this simple movement, the Tripod Get Up also delivers many fitness benefits, too. For example, it’s an excellent tool for improving core strength, hip mobility, and shoulder stability, among other helpful conditioning benefits.

MovNat Master Instructor, Danny Clark, will teach you how to do the Tripod Get Up and Transition as efficiently as possible in this new instructional video.

The Tripod Transition and Tripod Get Up are excellent natural movements in-and-of-themselves, but they are also building blocks to more advanced skills required in more complex environments or situations. Mastering these basic movements will lay a strong foundation for more difficult skills such as Rail Balancing and the Tripod Vault.

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