If traveling is on your bucket list and you see a MovNat event in your future, these unique destinations include epic places you may have never thought to travel for some Natural Movement training. Some of these are well-known destinations for vacationing or sightseeing. Others are secret getaways off the beaten path. Whether you’re looking for a big city experience or to immerse yourself in an exotic Natural Movement paradise, we’ve got you covered with these 15 best places for a MovNat event in 2022.

We host events in many of these locations year after year because people love them, and for very good reason.

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Biarritz, France

With beaches, mountains, and a magnificent climate all year round, this stylish beach town on France’s southwestern coast is the perfect destination for those seeking to learn the art of good living. Biarritz was once the vacation spot for France’s nobility, and now boasts the title of Europe’s surfing capital. Whether you want to experience its therapeutic water at a luxury spa or grab a slice of pizza near the beach, Biarritz would be happy to accommodate. 

London, UK

This iconic British capital is layered with history–from the medieval Tower of London’s history of beheadings to SoHo’s modern fashion scene. Get a peak at Big Ben, stroll through millennia of art and history at the British Museum, see a world-class show on the West End, and hole up in a pub for some iconic fish and chips. 

Los Angeles, CA

Home of the Hollywood sign, frequent A-list celebrity sightings, and over 75 miles of sunny coastline, California’s largest metropolis has been a destination for visitors from all over the world for decades. Experience the art, music, fashion, and film of the City of Angels firsthand–or just spend some time soaking up the sun on Venice Beach or the Santa Monica Pier. 

São Paulo, Brazil

As the most populous city in Latin America, Sao Paulo has a lot to offer. With the contrast of glitzy New York-esque skyscrapers looking out over sprawling slums and street markets, the city is impressive in its diversity. Catch a futebol game at one of Sao Paulo’s famous stadiums, explore the art and culture scene, and eat coxinhas to your heart’s content. 

Victoria, British Colombia

Voted one of the top ten cities in North America in 2015, Victoria boasts the mildest climate in Canada and offers everything from outdoor adventures to world-class food and vibrant nightlife. With the Canadian wilderness in its backyard and the ocean at its doorstep, Victoria is home to beautiful wharfs, gardens, and heritage-packed architecture. 

Madrid, Spain 

With a fascinating history that spans nearly a millennium, this Spanish capital has something for everyone–even an Egyptian temple within the city limits! Wander through one of the three famous museums that make up the “Golden Triangle of Art,” go tapas hopping, watch a flamenco show, tour Madrid’s iconic football stadiums, and more. 

San Rafael, Colombia

Home to some of the most breathtaking natural vistas in the world, Colombia is a destination for anyone interested in the outdoors. Our all-inclusive Reconnect retreat takes place in Zafra Nature Reserve, which boasts the second most bio-diverse ecosystem in the world, with unparalleled natural beauty and vibrancy. If you want an adventure to reconnect with yourself, others, and nature, this event will deliver.

Rainier, Washington

No trip to the Pacific Northwest is complete without experiencing Mount Rainier and its accompanying National Park. With waterfalls, wildflowers, glacial rock flows and temperate inland rainforests in addition to the iconic mountain, this area is absolutely stunning–and perfect for a tracking and nature awareness retreat! 

Viña del Mar, Chile

Known as Chile’s “Garden City,” Viña del Mar is defined by relaxation and good taste. With a gorgeous coastline, a high-end food scene, and a variety of outdoor sports and activities, this city is one of the most popular beach resorts in the country. 

Asheville, NC

Situated in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is known both as a center of art and culture and as a destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Enjoy the food scene, wander the friendly streets, go hiking in the nearby mountains, and check out the largest private home in America–the 178,000 sq foot Biltmore Estate. 

Vienna, Austria  

Home of Mozart, wienerschnitzel, and the Hapsburgs, Austria’s Imperial Capital is both elegant and accessible. Easily navigate the city by foot or on its iconic red trams, weaving down narrow cobblestone streets between stately gothic-era buildings. The friendly and history-packed city is home to the world-renowned Vienna State Opera, a fantastic café scene, and gorgeous parks galore. 

Marseille, France

A gritty and glamorous multicultural port city with a history stretching back as far as Classical Greece, France’s “second city” has a lot to offer. Wander the streets of the picturesque Old Town, feast on seafood, and experience the city’s unique and vitality-packed blend of French and African culture. 

San Francisco, CA

Famous for steep streets, cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz island, this quirky city justly ranks as one of the greatest cities in the world, despite its small size. Full of trend-defining cuisine, interesting sights, old mining history, and tucked-away gems, it’s also close to the tech giants of Silicon Valley.  

Berlin, Germany

The German capital offers everything from sobering history to incredible architecture and iconic nightlife. Visit the Berlin Wall Memorial, the Brandenburg gate, technology centers, museums, music scenes and more. 

Phoenix, AZ

As the city of saguaros, sunsets, and Southwest Art, Phoenix and its surrounding areas provide a perfect setting to both enjoy yourself and test your limits in the beauty of the desert. 

We give up!

Trying to list all of the best places to travel for a MovNat event is a bit of a fool’s errand. There are too many! With over 150 events on our 2022 calendar, we had a hard time narrowing our list down to only 15 locations. So, if none of these perked your interest, there may be others that do.

MovNat events are a life changing experience, and traveling to a top destination to participate in one makes it all the better. After two years of travel restrictions, make 2022 the year you get back out there and turn your dream trips into reality.