By Erwan Le Corre, MovNat Founder

Exercising shouldn’t be a task, a chore, a punishment, or a coping mechanism. It should be liberating, energizing and empowering.

Can you believe it? Can you believe that there’s a way that you could never have to force yourself to “exercise” through boring drills that treat your body as if it was a machine rather than a smart, adaptable living organism? Not only is it possible to never experience exercise as a chore any longer, it is possible to experience physical movement as a blessing, a daily opportunity, a profoundly fulfilling behavior in both body and mind.

You don’t have to suffer to become physically strong, nimble and capable. That doesn’t mean it’s meant to always be easy. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t imply any effort. That doesn’t mean that no discipline is required. It just means that it can and should be ENJOYABLE. That’s how it feels when the way you exercise is through the practice of MovNat.

Why? Simply because the movements you practice are natural and when it comes to having a physical experience of anything, nothing beats naturalness.

Natural movements are the very movements patterns your body is supposed to perform, the very movement behavior you as a human being are originally designed to do.*

Remember when you were a kid. How did you get fit? How did you become and stay physically capable?

You were moving all day long. You were enjoying every bit of it. You had an instinct for it. All kids around you did. Your movements made perfect sense. You were hanging, climbing, jumping, crawling, running and so forth. You had no clue what the “proper way to exercise” was. It didn’t matter. You were free. You didn’t judge your movement or yourself. Your practical goals were immediate, and so were your practical physical achievements. There was no complication. There was no planning. The was exuberance, joy, and freedom.

Does that all sound too romantic? Is it something of the past, your past? Why should you ever lose that physical enjoyment?

You shouldn’t.

Contrary to what some people believe, MovNat isn’t at all a return to complete randomness. It is a methodical rehabilitation of your lost motor-skills and physiological function as well as a systematic development of higher levels of real-world physical capability. We’ve designed an effective path to harnessing your movement potential, which has gone dormant for too long. Once it’s been harnessed again, you’ll become unstoppable.


Next Steps

At MovNat, we teach Natural Movement from the ground up – starting with the most rudimentary skills like breathing and sitting positions, and working our way up to more challenging, athletic movements, such as jumping and climbing skills.

If you’d like to learn how to move naturally and efficiently – the way your body is designed to – join us for a MovNat Level 1 Certification or a MovNat Workshop. We hold events all around the world. Or, find a MovNat Certified Trainer or Gym in your area. We also offer MovNat Online Coaching as an alternative to live instruction and a Natural Movement Fundamentals E-Course.

Most people know that they should be more physically active. Some even recognize the incredible value in a system like MovNat. But they struggle with actually implementing Natural Movement into their daily lives. That’s why we work closely with people from all walks of life to help them move better, get healthier and stronger, and discover their true potential with Natural Movement Fitness. It’s also why we work extensively with health and fitness professionals who understand the value of this new paradigm and are eager to start implementing it with their clients.

So, if you’re ready to take your movement practice to the next level, this is your chance. Please join our community and check out an event near you soon.

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*Learn more in my book, The Practice of Natural Movement.